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A coach will impact more young players in a year the the average person does in a lifetime.

Leads by Example
Dedicated and Determined
Teaches Teamwork
Motivates and Listens
Builds Character
Challenges and Develops
Committed to Our TEAM
Our Biggest Fan

A good coach will make his players see what they can be, rather than what they are. -Ara Parasheghian

Where can my team find a coach like this? Our coach takes away confidence, warms up the whole team and only practices his 10 main kids. Doesn t acknowledge the remaining 20+ kids, picks favorites, plays favorites when it is not benefitting the team, doesn't play Seniors on senior day - even when up by 6+, has boys quit every year, doesn't sub, can't sub because the remaining 20+ on the side line don't get to practice the 2 plays or zones taught to the 10 starters, if we have a close game he says the boys played flat or the ref made bad calls.... and the funny thing - if he reads the "Our Coach" he would believe it was writtten about him.