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Speaking of lacrosse talent what is happening with GC ? Heard they are going to be on the down swing for the next few years. Actually one of the Dads told me they could start season 0-6. Heard all 3 attackmen together weigh 200lbs wet. Coach P better figure it out or they will chase him out of town. At least he better get his house built (one of the dads doing a fine job for him) I am sure they will have all the excuses ready to go. Since they play a very very weak league schedule they will get their wins. Somehow it will end up being Chaminades fault

I find it hard to believe that GC is starting 3 attack that weigh an average of 66.7 lbs. also why would they weigh them soaking wet? that would add weight, why not just say they weigh a combined 198.3 lbs? After you were done counting red helmets at Chaminade did you drive by GC and watch them weigh in?