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town is filled with D-bags. Its a bad place. Good lax team, but it ends there. "Gimmie, I'll take." Never hear the word please or thank you when in syosset or Woodbury at the gym, bagel store...wherever...

Hate to lump entire town into a one category
I have to agree
to say the sports parents I have dealt with
In soccer - wrestling and lacrosse are rude
Would be a huge understatement

Am I just too sensitive or are there anti-semitic undertones in the original post? are the Syosset inhabitants more polite in the Pizzerias or Home Depot? and just the "Gimmie, I'll take." lacrosse parents only in the bagel establishments?

Why did the second poster needed to reply and confirm the first post about a month after it was originally posted?

I would suggest you build that wall around your town (and make us Jews pay for it) and stay out of our Kibbutz.

please let not go there, this post or similar has been floated around a few times, here and there. lets keep it above board as much as you can.