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[quote=Anonymous]West Islip - Smithtown West game is big tomorrow.

If WI wins then the only have one loss to a Suffolk A rival.
Should make them the reg season champs in Suffolk A

Smithtown East has 2 big division losses WM & Smith West

Ward Melv has 3 losses WI, Quot, & Smith West

Smithtown West has 4 losses 3 division HHHE, Quot, NP

Connetquot has 2 division losses WI & Smith East

Safe to say Scotty Graig has put WI back on the Suffolk Big Boy map again.

by the way - not an alum nor do I have a kid there.

Any of the above teams can beat one another on any given day. Will all come down to which way the ball bounces, no clear favorite-

SME losses by a goal, Quot losses (and wins) are always close, WM and SME played a 3-1 game, safe to assume that will never happen again...

WI got beat pretty soundly by both SME and Chammy-so while they will earn number 1 seed assuming the beat HHHE today, they are on par, but clearly not ahead of the others.

Take out your coin and give it a flip each game is 50-50.

plus- you can't count out the teams that are just a fraction behind the above-

Can bayshore or HHHE shock someone...

Anyone have any idea how the section xi standings are calculated? Seeding will be more important this year than they have been in the past.

Fact check:
West Islip plays Smithtown West not HHHE!

You must have had a freudian slip because you mention HHHE twice.
Are you an HHHE homer?

Sorry, but HHHE is not even in the discussion- 4 division losses including a bad loss to cross town rival- not good.

On the WI front, Scott Craig coaches a tough, gritty team with lunch pail/ hard hat mentality work ethic. Kids play hard and get the job done consistently. He gets more from his squad and talent than most coaches on LI.

Hope they take the Suffolk A back again.

Also love the WI rivalry with Cham.
What exactly is a lunch pail/hard hat mentality? ESPN sound bite. What are the other LI teams? White collar and brief case? Come on it's lacrosse, that mentality exists on EVERY team. Let me guess, Manhasset, GC, Pequa, etc are not "lunch pail" guys? Clarify your statement as to why WI is lunch pail and what are the other teams across LI