I attended a public HS and State University as did my wife. Our children go to public school as well. I could care less where other people send their children to school or where they have them play lacrosse. Do what you believe to be best for your children.

Why do some of you have such animosity, why the resentment, why such bitterness regarding the private schools. Why do you call their lacrosse teams "All Star" teams? Why do you refer to their clubs as "elite" clubs? Do only the "best" players from each town attend the privates? Do you realize how petty and foolish you sound? Why do you care where other parents decide to send their children to school?

As far as lacrosse goes, I think West Islip and maybe Garden City are the only public schools that even come close to St Anthony's and Chaminade over the past 10 years. If you are looking at what schools best prepare the kids for college lacrosse I would say only West Islip can compare with the two privates. What other school have put out a significant number of D1 All Americans over the past 10 years. I have seen the term "elite" used too liberally, I would define a D1 All American as "elite". I would not use the term to describe a kid who plays for a club team.