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[quote=Anonymous]The Syosset crowd calling out the WM players' names and chanting crap about them. Glad to see them get shut up. WM clearly out played Syosset and controlled the game.

Let's watch the Syosset implosion. Come on Syosset parents.

Their chants weren't only at DELETED but yeah.

Read the Newsday article.DELETED I had no rooting interest, but now I'm glad WM won. I hope it was Syosset students and not the parents. By the way, where were the Syosset school supervisors letting this nonsense occur?

Are you stupid???? I deleted the above and you go and say it again. I just can not believe the dropper full of intelligence in high school parents. Your kids are doomed!

The article identifies the position. It's the headline. You can't identify positions???? Nothing bad was said and no name was used. I think you are a little over sensitive here. Look at some context. All world attackman can be said above, but no other positions??

Listen, I don't give a flip what was said somewhere else. I care about what is said here. In this case identifying the position, identified the player.

If I leave you imbeciles alone to talk about kids it just keeps getting worse and if you don't like the policies here at BOTC, feel free to go somewhere else and [lacrosse] about each other and your kids. I only wish all of you could see the garbage that you spew like I do. Maybe then you would understand why I am "sensitive"!!!!!

I trust that I have made myself clear, no?

LOL, toughie

Hey toughie register and put a name behind your posts. You use the veil of anonymity as your strength you keyboard warrior. As Moderators we try and protect the kids from asshats like you, who can't comprehend or read. As was said before cut the crap out. Let people read the Newsday article but we will not tolerate the singling out of students on here.