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wow - refreshing to be talking about lacrosse and not who lives in a nicer neighborhood or which coach should be suspended for making someone walk outside in his underwear! No clear powerhouse this year unless SME figures out how to stop their opponent from putting up double-digits. If that happens - no contest. I think you see a rematch of last night's game in the finals - WI vs Quot. still a little shaky on Quot, but they have a football, blue collar mentality - very tough and athletic. And while they only win by 1, they have at least been consistent. WM too young and very inconsistent, they are probably a couple of years off. SMW is dangerous but a little inconsistent as well.
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good luck everyone. its been a fun ride
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WOW still a Powerhouse !
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West Islip over Connetquot 10-9 OT.

Suffolk is a ton of fun this year-

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Almost any one of these can beat any other on any day. Ok, maybe not bayshore and riverhead, but the rest can all play and most oif this list will be in playoffs.

anyone care to pick the teams that make it to stonybrook for Suffolk championship? a little light fun on a rainy miserable Friday-no seedings yet-still a few games to play-so just take a shot


SME v WM -repeat of last year

Riverhead may surprise - but my pick is SE vs WI

Most years I would say there are one or two teams that have an over abundance of athletes and talent. Not this year . I think it will come down to coaching and if that is the case you will see West Islip and Smithtown East in the finals.

I agree WI and Smith E have great coaches. Riverhead up and coming, Quot coach is a bonehead, Melville is solid also.