Kids have ONE shot and one school to apply early admissions. When a coach says your kid is "in" and it has been approved by admissions, you should be accepted unless your grades drop dramatically or you have another extreme problem. "getting in is up to the kid, not the coach" is 100% wrong. You really have no idea what you are talking about. I've been thru this with 3 lacrosse players, 2 boys, one girl, 2 Div 1, 1 Div 3, and if a coach told me my kid was in, and than he was rejected, like it appears has happened at Haverford, I would be beyond upset. I'm just correcting this comment from the writer so no one is misled by someone who's kid obviously hasn't gone thru the process. When a coach says you are "done" and you apply ED, you should be in 99.99% of the time.