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How does he know if the kids are going to Chammy.Do you live in the homes with the families that are making a decision. Probably not so how the [lacrosse] does the coach know if a kid is going to Chammy. You are the stupidest person that has ever been on this website...Hands down you are a MORON. yes you have "heard horror stories". So far from the truth. Please go crawl back under your rock with your red cup

Well,......lets see. Maybe the kid has actually said he wants to go to Chaminade. Maybe his three older brothers went to Chaminade. Maybe the kids parents have told their friends in town that they are going to send their son to Chaminade.
Lord knows none of that would ever be discussed by the GC lacrosse mafia, and we all know you have one.....every town has the guys that control the programs.

I don't even live in the town and I've known who was going to Chaminade.

And you should really consider some form of anger management.

got a phone call from the HC just because there was a rumor my 8th grade son might go elsewhere...he just wanted to make sure it wasn't true...so...there may be some validity to this.

Lol. You're so full of yourself it's unbelievable. Just be happy your held back son is a decent player. It'll all catch up and even out. Such a wannabe