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Cham over Massapequa
St A's over Syosset

you are boasting about 2 games that were 1 goal games and could of went either way. you need to get a life!! how about giving the kids from both teams a pat on the back for 2 hard fought games.

Gimme a friggin break. You're the one that needs to get a life! That post did not gloat or disrespect any of the players on Syo or Massapequa. He was just correctly pointing out the absurd double standard when it comes to Cham and St. A lacrosse. When they lose to a top-tier public, its perfectly OK to bash them. "They're weak, they suck, overrated, they recruit from all over LI - how can they lose" blah blah blah. When they win these close games, the response is always - "well of course they should win". These St A and Cham players, through no fault of their own, are always put in a no-win situation by the petulant and insecure parents, most of whom never played the game. And blaming the refs??? This is beyond weak. If a Cham or St A fan tried this weak BS, they'd get crucified on this site. Give it a rest already.