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I cant wait to hear the bitching in another few years when your now freshman Varsity playing son gets cut to make room for a younger kid. You may say "best kids should play" now, but this will be the reality for some of you down the line. Do you really think you will be alright with that? It is embarrassing and sad to do to a kid who has been a hardworking teammate for 2-3 years.

Someone is sour....most likely any freshMan strong enough to make varsity will not be getting cut as a junior or senior. More likely that kid or kids will be the team leaders by that time. That's the whole point isn't it? Developing a core group for the future of the program. No coach will cut the hardworking players you mention as long as they are strong enough to contribute the team. Wins- that's what it's all about. This is HS not PAL