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St Anthonys and Chaminade coaches were absolutely brilliant. I'm talking genius. Starting a club team and make a small mint each. But here is what isn't talked about. They brainwashed the parents. And the parents had no idea it was happening. Hey Joe Parent, don't you want to be associated with a winner? So what if you son is on the C team. You can still stand under our tent, and feel good about yourself. So what if we aren't going to promote your kid. He can still play in summer tournaments. Who cares that there are no college coaches watching? Who cares that the coaching is sub par. Wear our apparel and you too can "feel" like a winner. Over a decade of that thinking and here you have St. Anthonys and Chaminade. If you have been around the lacrosse block a few years, ask yourself this. 15, 20, 25 years ago what parent in their right mind would send their kid to a private school to be 3rd, 4th, 5th string? To be one of 8 goalies? To get cut because 100 kids go out for the team? And pay thousands of dollars on top of that? A travel team mentality now rules the high school lacrosse world. This isn't about their kids. I know of kids that would be stars on their public high school team only to be cut by one of the Big 2. This is about the parents and puffing out their chests that there son goes to a winner. Not plays for a winner. Goes to a winner. Well played directors. Well played. And as an added bonus you get the arrogant MC telling everyone which kids suck and will never play. Only in America. LOL

maybe, just maybe, people send their kids to those schools for reasons other than lacrosse and the kid happens to play lacrosse as well. Would you also be surprised if it were the kids themselves that actually want to go to those schools and not just for lacrosse.