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Answer me this all mighty. If one of those kids had a reaction to what ever they were smoking and had to be rushed to the hospital or worse would you still be saying he is a great guy or would you be asking why and blaming everyone and their uncle.

Kids were missing from team dinner? No one went to look for them. Because they missed team dinner which I am assuming was mandatory would he have sat them out of game or at least for a half. Probably not.

They weren't missing that's wrong they weren't even caught red handed not one thing on this website is true they were interrogated after the ad smelt it. They got caught just before team was loading the bus

Looks as a moderator we can see who is posting. Your the same person posting all the negative stuff. How is the coach to blame for the kids smoking pot. He didn't force them, he didn't buy it. He in no way condoned it. What the [lacrosse] are you smoking. They were missing after they got caught. They got caught at 4pm.