My opinion: WM lost to a team that played better yesterday, not necessarily a better team. They wanted it more. This is the parody we will see this year. We are seeing it on the college level, and now on the HS. Mark my words, there are more "upsets" to come. Dynasty days are gone. Why? That is a tough question. Many programs lost team cornerstones and are struggling to find their groove. This includes WM, SE, and Northport to name a few. Blaming kids is not the answer. As for F/O, I firmly believe that a team should leave their best guy in there even if he is losing. Sometimes it takes a bit to "figure it out" sometimes the other teams guy is just better, or just hot that day. You are still better off with your best. Throwing in the pole or backup rarely works out. Going forward, we move on from losses and try to grow from them. Playoffs is where it becomes real!