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If they let him go there will be a huge line of schools wanting his services. This guy places more kids in colleges than any high school coach.

Sure.... Why hasn't he left for the lucrative college ranks of coaching yet? there must have been countless offers, right? right?

If they let him go, the only thing huge will be the huge sigh of relief from the entire town

Do you understand or know anything about the game of lacrosse. He plays a big school schedule versus teams that have double to triple your enrollment and versus private schools that recruit. He always challenges the players with a tough schedule. He places more kids than any public school into elite college programs. His body of work is in a league all its own. Ask the parents who he has tirelessly called colleges for. You probably don't know any of this. Your the festering wound of a parent on the sideline brooding over playing time. You are a coaches nightmare. Rather than see all the good you try and knock the coach. He can only do so much. Raising kids is on the parents noto the coach. A coach tries to develop players, make them achieve their full potential on the field and even off.

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