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WM PARENT...Posted a few days back. Someone said my comment was thoughtful and someone called me a housewife- for the record, i am neither.

The prior comments about parents (at least this parent) smiling because a public beats chammy, are ridiculous. WM was smiling because they beat a great program with a great track record...in a sloppy, but well fought contest. same outcome as last year.

Unlike the crazy posters, WM has no inferiority complex and simply wants to compete and play with the best.

Honestly, if lucky enough and good enough, beating sme, smw, wi, conectquot...-will evoke more smiles than were on people's faces on Saturday. Better yet, leaving the island by beating pequa or syosset or whichever team represents Nassau A this year at hofstra is more important to WM team and parents than winning a game in early april...

I think the people that are offended by chammy have an inferiority complex. Very much the same as the people that think early recruiting has ruined lax forever...because they didn't send their kid to chammy and because no one recruited their son, everything is bad and rigged and the world isn't fair...

if your kid is in chammy and on lax team, well done. if your kid isn't but he is happy, look up to the sky and say thank you...

no $ to play lax as a career, but if someone hands your 9th grader 20k in tuition reduction a year to pretty much any school (assuming you need to the money), take it and again, say thank you.

cant wait for the words of wisdom in reply

Chaminade started this with their bragging. My son plays for one of the programs you mentioned and we look forward to the showdown with you, always exciting. I'm glad you won , but their is no inferiority complex on this end, just pride that a good public beats the privileged private once again. Great job!