When will Nassau County Lacrosse start placing team appropriate conferences? Similar to [lacrosse]? Conf 1 should be:

Cold Spring Harbor
Garden City
Port Washington
St. Anthony's

Catholic, public school...who cares....most games would be competitive....the teams above all have 50 kids on their sideline and many can play. Rather than each team getting lopsided victories over teams with 25 kids on their roster with a select few who can play. God forbid the teams above had to play real competition each season in every game.

Conf 2 would field the next 10-12 teams who are competitive/ borderline dominant year over year.....by seeding teams correctly and evaluating after each season and moving a few teams in each conference below 1 up or down based on their performance you wouldn't see as many lopsided victories or losses and quite possibly the schools who have less participatiin in the sport of lacrosse will increase their participation in the sport. Why would a kid in Hempstead want to participate if they're pummelled in every game? What does beating Hempstead with 12 players on their sideline teach the winners or losers when they play?