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My kid goes to WM and plays lax and we are happy with our choice. Good school and generally competitive athletics. We didn't choose to live in the district because WM had a strong lax program, we chose because we liked the house, the neighborhood and the education the district provided...

We know people within the district that send their kids to chammy and St As...the families we know that have made this decision did so for may reasons, but mostly because they wanted the religious education and chose between the two based upon many factors including the commute their kids would make to and from. From what we have heard, both are excellent catholic schools with excellent academics and also happen to have strong athletic teams.

For the life of me I cannot understand why any of you need to insult either St A or chammy. If you are happy with your school (again, we are happy with WM) why would you need to put down another school or claim that academics aren't good? As far as strength of schedule for lax, both chammy and St A go out of their way to play tough competition out of league. In fact, I would argue-as a WM parent-that chammy has perhaps the toughest schedule around. They make a point to play all the top publics and many top baltimore privates.

Why do you care enough to come on here and put down either school? You really need to look in the mirror and figure out what in your life is so bad that you need to come on this lax site and talk about the academic quality of either school...

Also will say, we went to watch the chammy/WI game last saturday since WM plays both shortly. Parents of both teams were of course cheering and of course would complain about this call or that call, but in general, very respectful. Not any obnoxious people...well done parents.

for the St A people, i suggest you just ignore the obnoxious poster, as soon as he/she realizes you cant be bothered responding to stupid rants, the foolishness will stop...

Thank you. Excellent post. Also, thank you WM for sending the best players to come out of your town in the past 10 years to St. A's (boys and girls) and a girls coach. Enough with the venom, if you don;t want to send your kid to a catholic school don't send them.

Best Players? ..... Did you forget that WM was rated best team in the country 3 years ago, and more recently produced two of the top recuits, All Americans Buccaro Bruckner?