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Check out the MSG Varsity website and their footage of the CSH-Manhasett game...CSH coach punches a kid in the helmet while they were in a huddle. The guy is nuts and this has to be the final nail in his coffin.

It was a love tap...cut it out. Coaches do that a lot and kids do not mind at all. Neither should the parents.

Oh my, just checked it out.

Not that I am against or for it but if you thought the "little" forearm from Princeton coach was too much you wont like this. (yes a bit different because opposing team)

Wouldn't call it a punch but would call it good either. If you call it a "love tap"... yeah, like my dad loves me but if I talked back to him he slapped me one. and no coaches don't do that anymore.

The Princeton situation would not have been a story had the player been on Princeton. He was on the opposing team.

A coach smacking a helmeted player is a complete non-issue, especially since we're talking about a high schooler.