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Guess you weren't at the game. All top scorers on St Ants played whole game. Never came out. Prob right on fogo and starting goalie played 2nd half. At minimum, it Wasn't lay down they expected. Nothing more, nothing less. Move on. It doesn't diminish how good St Ants is. Don't know why this is such a hard pill to swallow.

I was not at the game but based on Newsday: St A's had 8 goal scorers, one with his first of the year, one with his third of the year and one with his second and third of the year - sounds like the starters played but that they played to win without humiliating the opponent and that they were pretty liberal with the playing time, I wish more teams would play like this against weaker teams instead of the current model of the starters running up a 10 - 0 first quarter lead and playing subs rest of the way....good for St A's coaching staff