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PW should not be mentioned n the same breath as the rest of those teams they lost to an Oceanside team wth 3 seniors and freshmen and sophomores all over the field starting and playing big minutes.

Oceanside team had one terrible loss in a driving rain that cost them dearly - young team on the upswing they will learn from it and be better next season.

In my opinion they are the clear 4 seed behind the top 3 in conference 1 in 2017.

In your opinion, lol. Ok so they beat Port in a game that Port would say was their worst loss of the year. So you make an excuse for Oceanside about playing in the rain and they lost. What were the rain clouds only above the Oceanside players heads in that game. Stop writing checks your kids will need to cash. Will need to wait and see about your predictions next year. Till then enjoy watching the playoffs from the stands.