I live in Manhasset and do not have a son on the varsity team. It is easy to sit back and be critical of coaching and second guess every move that doesn't work. Some of the criticism of the coach is probably valid but a lot of it is unfair. It is likely that most of it is coming from people who never coached a meaningful game in their life. The coach probably overplayed his son and a couple of his son's close friends but if you are not at practice every day then you are not in a position to discuss who should be playing. The spot where he really went wrong was bringing his 9th grade son (who did not start on JV) up to varsity for the playoffs and then actually playing him in the first playoff game. That decision took playing time away from juniors and seniors who practiced and worked all year. That moves makes you question his judgment and makes you wonder about the other playing time accusations. It makes me think that those accusations are probably accurate.