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Valley stream? No not exactly. CSH demolished Locust Valley. Wasn't close.

Sorry about that. Locust Valley

lMaybe next year LV will play someone pretty good outside of their conference so they will be prepared to play CSH next time.You can't play teams just to pad your stats because you saw what happened last night. It's called a but whipping. The whole season was for not. Sorry just a frustrated parent

Agree. LV had talented players this year but they played a total paddycake schedule. Only 2 quality wins all year came against Port and CSH. You can throw in Bethpage as well. The rest was a joke - beating on the likes of Wheatley, Clarke and Island Trees should not impress anybody. Sets false and distorted expectations. All that said, still a good team and the future looks bright. Coach Cromwell seems like the real deal