because you say so? I think the post about 1 jack wad doing all the nepotism posts is entirely accurate. GET A WHISTLE [/quote]

If the Manhasset Coach cares at all about what he leaves behind....he should step down. His bullying of the players for years and envy of their success outside his program eats away at him. And yes....he has the whistle.....hang it up. NEPOTISM, crony favoritism and refusal to coach for the benefit of the whole team...and not just friends, family and side business.... is bringing down our once proud MANHASSET program. [/quote]
Give it a rest already. Maybe have your son switch to bowling and avoid all this.

Obviously you haven't seen how the bowling coach rolls! Spare me!
[/quote] [/quote] [/quote]

any more bowling puns and I am going to have to split - this whole thread is in the gutter [/quote]

You gonna go on strike?