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town is filled with D-bags. Its a bad place. Good lax team, but it ends there. "Gimmie, I'll take." Never hear the word please or thank you when in syosset or Woodbury at the gym, bagel store...wherever...

Hate to lump entire town into a one category
I have to agree
to say the sports parents I have dealt with
In soccer - wrestling and lacrosse are rude
Would be a huge understatement

so how was your day going before you decided you needed to tell the whole world that you anonymously agreed with a month old stupid post and stir things up on BOTC?

woke up, brushed your tooth, kick your dog, pee in the sink and then on your way out the door you stop and think to your self "hmmmm, I wonder if everybody on the internet wants to know my feelings about the manners of sports parents in Syosset?" so you turn around, kick the dog again and reply to a month old post.....now you can grab you lunch pail and go to the coal mines knowing that god forbid anything happens to me today, at least the world will know I didn't like a few sports parents in Syosset or Woodbury. Thank you Olgie