Any trap games out there. Bottom of the bracket could be decided tonight. But as another poster put it that is why they play the games.

Riverhead and Hills West will be looking to see how Bay Shore does against Smith W. Not sure all will get into the playoffs. Riverhead, Bay Shore and Hills West all have easy game for their last game. Just not certain those games help them with points.

Bay Shore loses by 5 tonight they should be first man out. Riverhead and Hills West should jump them.

Much to prove or has been proven. West Islip's coach is worth his salt. Can Quot and WM coaches step up. Can SE play like a team that wants it, will they play for the guy next to them.

Each year people say it is a 2 team league, the only thing for certain is 2 teams will be there at the end, which two is never certain. About 7 teams that could beat anyone on any given day top 4 should beat the others 7 out of 10. But the season is long, lets see what happens!