Wow, some serious accusations there. As it seems you are close to the situation I will take you at your word but I do have a few questions as a interested observer.

Had this incident not happened and the team was winning, would this be brought up? Where has this outrage been?

GC seems to have a gateway to many of the Ivy league schools, do you think they are aware of the HC practices?

Is the a situation where while everything appears to be rosy and clean, it would not stand up to outside scrutiny?

Clearly it seems like there are issues there in GC, but its very strange that none of this has been brought to light in the past. I have to assume it is because the program has been very successful and kids have matriculated to very good college programs.


Good questions, all.

The underlying outrage I believe is kept submerged by most as it has become the acceptable regardless of wins/losses. No one want to mention the elephant in the room.

Not sure if colleges are aware or if they care to be involved at all. They have bigger issues to deal with at their level.

Kids have matriculated to very good institutions in spite of these practices. I do not see many posts here attesting to his great coaching and personal qualities as of yet. Perhaps some are coming?

There were a couple of teams that made great records for GC; but lets be honest and give credit where due; they all played for a great club program which developed them as players that then translated to a great performance at GC. the HC had minimal input on the development of these great players. He was handed a great team by fl$.