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Yes agreed GC loses its share of kids to Chaminade but how many are lax players. 4-5 are on Varsity team now tops and of those who are seeing the field 1 -2. But how many towns have the system in place that GC has starting at 6-7 yr olds. How many leave GC because of other factors like not getting a fair chance to play because of their last name. I heard it is so bad one kid actually is at St Anthonys. If you are willing to travel to St Anthonys from GC every day it must have been bad.
I guess time will tell. the season will go on. If they keep losing this blog will get real interesting.

Many families send their sons to Chaminade and St. Anythony's for reason other than athletic playing time. If the kid is going to St. Anthony's it has nothing to do with lacrosse or another sport - it must have to be the academics. Nobody in their right mind would schlep that far for lacrosse.