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Probably because they were paid to cut off the part where Farmingdale CHOKED and threw away the game. All comes down to HORRIBLE coaching. So much talent in the dale but you can't win championships with over rated coaches. Two years in a row they were up by 5 goals and blew it in the 4th quarter. The LAX Hall of Fame called, they want their trophy back.

You are completely wrong. So much talent?
The Farmingdale coaches could not have gotten more out of the players they had. With the exception of their goalie, they don't have a player that would start for Syosset or Pequa.
nonsense, DELETED for Farmingdale played a great game. He was really impressive, and I'm a Pequa dad. Kid was all over the field, hustle like no one else. He was the early mvp in my opinion. The Farmingdale DELETED is an absolute beast.

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