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3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
I luv me a High Line house wife! Like to get there hair pulled then slip you a Benjamin on the way out! Keep earning that dough Hubby..

Man, I'm moving to PA to get me one of those then pop out a few more kids and keep this travel lacrosse thing going another dozen years. Yeehaw - this is the good life.
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Yesterday at 09:59 PM

Originally Posted by Anonymous

Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Imagine being a 12 year old on the lower rung of one of these teams, attending every practice, playing every tournament, then the team makes it and.....oh sorry I know you're on the team, but, you're not going.

How about this one: Your kid has been a 6 year starter, and a major contributor to the success of his team, since day 1. But as luck would have it, the team found a '23 player from some team, who plays his exact position. Your son is arguably better than this older player, but since the new boy is older, he is bigger, and he gets the start over your son. As a result, you son never see's the field in the WSYL.

This is the exact same thing as making it to a tournament championship, and one of the finalist teams poaches top players from other teams that are in the tourney, but didn't make it to the championship game. I find it hard to believe, but apparently there are people out there that are totally OK with this practice. To you people, I say you are unethical dbs. Real person.

It will be very interesting to see what db teams do this, and which do not. Which teams put put their players first, and which put profit well before their players. Which clubs are the true money grabs out there... We already know that Express is such a team. The Madlax-esque cheating team of Long Island. Who else?? Time will tell.

91 doing it as well. Fact.. you may get the DB Hater Parent JEALOUS but it is a fact. not throwing hate. TRUTH..

Doing what, exactly? Every kid on the team played 2024 last year.

no 91 only poaches from other local teams. 3 of your starters are from other teams from last of those kids is a holdback with a 05 go tell your bs story to someone else.wait til next year when they truly have to bring in the holdbacks just to compete. bandits now carry big roster full of holdbacks and guest players from florida. 5-6 year starters get pushed to the back of the is just beginning.just keep drinking the kool aid!!!!

The jealous hate is as strong as ever. Must be because it’s the WSYL year. Naw. It’s like this every year. See you in Denver boys. Have fun watching our 22 ON-AGE, GUEST-LESS pack players, doing their thing.
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Yesterday at 09:05 PM
Good Luck to all the girls this weekend at the UNC camp... I wish mine could have made it but it was not possible for this time.. I would love to hear your thoughts.
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Yesterday at 08:04 PM
Madlax is a lot more than most except for 3d, which is falling apart. Nobody is scared of the email - they are repulsed by it. For every Madlax family willing to swallow their dignity pay that guy, there are 4 four families who will have nothing to do with him.

Reading your posts is like watching a documentary about Stockholm syndrome.
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Yesterday at 07:09 PM
I’m guessing you won’t see anyone in Denver, you will be in summer school learning how spell
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Yesterday at 06:43 PM
Very exciting news for our sport and program! Our Select National Director and Recruiting Consultant, Jim Stagnitta, has been named one of the six head coaches of the Premiere Lacrosse League! Congrats to Coach Stagnitta and the rest of the pack for being part of a new era of lacrosse! Coach Stagnitta will be joining our East, West, and HS National Team for Sandstorm Jan 18-20 in Indio, CA!

Will Stagnitta do anything to improve Mad Dog's standing?
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Yesterday at 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
[quote=Anonymous]So if a club is great at developing players, what does it say about that club if they develop a kid who bought in to the system and did everything asked of him for 5 years, but then is cut for a hold-back who not even marginally better?

Who are these 2 players? Would love to compare as an outsider and not the players dad.

You are a club owner and/or coach.
You have trained and developed a kid to perfectly reflect your mold and he does everything asked and performs great on the field.
You have to choose between the kid you developed and a new kid who may be older, but not much difference in size or skill.
Do you go with the new kid or stick with the kid you developed?

Do you work in media? This is a very leading and poorly framed hypothetical used to try to prove a point you think you already have an opinion on. The issue is your framing of "not much difference in size or skill." If there were truly not much or no difference the player who knows the O and D would be the clear choice. IQ is the most important trait in this game. However, coaches see differences that parents can't. Therefore when they bring in a new player they do see a difference. Size can be overrated but not IQ and skill. Coaches, like MM know gamers when they see them.

What if the difference is that the parents of the holdback are more connected in the lacrosse and business community?

Do you as the coach or club owner admit your years of development of a kid into the player you want is not as important as gaining a business or lacrosse connection?

Well if the club helped your son become a better lacrosse player that is what you paid for. The playing time and who plays where and when is up to the coach that day. The clubs job is to make your son a good lacrosse player. If he is not playing in games take him and his skills to another club or to showcases / prospect days. Or even better take him to high school tryouts this spring and see him make the team. This age group parents will talk about a lot of new things this time 12 months from today.
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Yesterday at 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
"Lacrosse is a great Networking Sport, and should be thought of as that,"
That is hilarious! I played and I am still looking for the secret data base of lacrosse networking. If you are looking for a job post college in lacrosse maybe there is a network but 70K a year in tuition for a 5K a year assistant coaching job in lacrosse? Good luck with that. I know Paul Rabil spoke of this lacrosse network in finance but that was all for show. With that, I am not saying it is not a great way to enhance the college experience and these are some good schools. I also agree that they play very competitive lacrosse and some of these players have and will play pro lacrosse. However there is not a network or lacrosse players that find each other jobs. If your son wants to establish professional networks, fraternities (while they still exist) and business clubs, associations, study abroad, and academic networks are what matters. Lacrosse is not a path to business success outside of lacrosse. I hope this helps and why is this a issue in an 8th grade chat group??

the lacrosse network in Manhattan is ridiculous on wall street - every year intern classes and training programs are littered with college lax players, traders, sales people etc.

Happy Chanukah
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Yesterday at 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
[quote=Anonymous]2021- club receiving emails from schools - school xyz form letter email “we are interested in the following athlete(s)”

Valid? Money grab for camps? Any insight from those who have been there is appreciated

Money grab. Schools are taking advantage of the later commits. Have your daughter play with her club team this summer and if she performs well the interest will be there.

The emails from college coaches to club directors mentioning specific names are legit. Money grabs come in the form of an email blast announcing a camp/prospect day.

Thats true to some degree, but if they email 20 club directors with 10 kids names on the list..pretty sure a lot of those kids would plan on going to that camp, since the school is interested...remember camps are a big source of their income...just be careful and pick the schools that fit your kid.
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Yesterday at 02:17 AM
With over 150 of the world’s best players ready to compete in the inaugural season of the Premier Lacrosse League, one question has remained: Who will coach the best collection of players in lacrosse?

That has finally been answered.

The PLL has unveiled the six head coaches who will lead its teams, beginning in June 2019. It is a group of some of the best leaders, strategists, and innovators that the game has known – headlined by National Lacrosse Hall of Fame member and four-time NCAA national champion, Dom Starsia.

The PLL has continued its mission of putting world-class talent on-field,” said Mike Rabil, co-founder and CEO of the Premier Lacrosse League. “Watching these six coaches lead their teams every week, set the locker room standards, and build competitive edge, will be a revelation for lacrosse fans everywhere. We are a stronger league today thanks to the addition of their deep knowledge and skill sets.”

Starsia, a former head coach at Brown University and the University of Virginia, is widely-recognized as one of the best coaches the game has ever seen. During a coaching career that spanned from 1982-2016, Starsia’s teams produced over 100 All-Americans, won eight conference titles, and four Division 1 National Championships.

In 2011, after Virginia became the first team with five losses to win the title, Starsia was nominated for an ESPY Award for Best Coach, alongside Jim Calhoun (UConn men’s basketball), Rick Carlisle (Dallas Mavericks), Gene Chizik (Auburn football), and Mike McCarthy (Green Bay Packers).

To have the opportunity to return to the sideline and work closely with the finest players in the world is a profound motivation,” said Starsia. “I applaud how the league is built by the players, for fans. It’s something truly special. I’m honored to be a part of it, and can’t wait to begin the journey towards a PLL Championship.

In addition to Starsia, the PLL’s six teams will be coached by:

Chris Bates – Formerly the head coach at Princeton University, where he oversaw two NCAA Tournament teams, and at Drexel, where the Dragons achieved a national ranking for the first time in school history. Bates is currently the head coach at Episcopal Academy in Philadelphia. Bates serves as a member of the Ann’s Love Build Foundation, which brings together members of the medical community and lacrosse world to build outpatient hospitals, homes, and churches all over the world.

Nat St. Laurent – A Veteran of the U.S. Army, who decided to enlist after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, St. Laurent is the Head Coach of Ohio Northern University. Previously St. Laurent coached at Washington and Lee University and the Virginia Military Institute, and was integral in launching the program at Ferrum (Va.) College.

John Paul – A former head coach at the University of Michigan, Paul oversaw the Wolverine program’s elevation to Division 1 status, helping build the program from the ground up. From 2002 to 2009, Paul was the President of the MCLA, helping secure venues and television contracts for the league.

Jim Stagnitta – With over 30 years of experience at major programs like Rutgers and Washington & Lee, Stagnitta secured ten NCAA Tournament appearances, and three Final Four appearances. Stagnitta served as the President of the USILA from 2000-2005, and currently works with organizations such as the Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers to develop leadership and thriving cultures.

Andy Towers – A Brown University All-American and member of the Connecticut Lacrosse Hall-of-Fame, Towers brings 19 years of coaching experience, previously serving as the head coach at Dartmouth College, with additional stops at Brown University, Yale University, Fairfield University, and the University of Hartford.

Great coaches can change the outcome of a game,” said Paul Rabil, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of the Premier Lacrosse League. “The PLL’s head coaches are comprised of the best lacrosse minds in the history of our sport. Our product and competition just got better, and the players are thrilled to have the opportunity to play for them.”

The Premier Lacrosse League will begin its inaugural season in June 2019, kicking off a 14-week, 12-city season. Six teams, comprised of the best players in the world, will compete throughout a regular season, all-star weekend, playoffs, and championship.
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Yesterday at 02:04 AM
Take a stroll down just about any block on Long Island and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t have a lacrosse net in the front yard and kids playing lacrosse. Long Island is one of the top hotbeds for the sport in North America and the youth lacrosse leagues across Nassau and Suffolk counties are constantly producing top-level talent for high schools, colleges and the professional ranks.

In fact, there are some players from Long Island that are among the best players in the world.

But while the New York Lizards of Major League Lacrosse has been around since 2001, Long Island has been without a National Lacrosse League indoor team since 2007 when the New York Titans called the Nassau Coliseum home. Before that, the New York Saints played at the Coliseum from 1989 to 2003 and the pre-cursor to the Saints were the Long Island Tomahawks who played at “The Barn” for just one season in 1975.

And now, indoor lacrosse is coming back to NYCB Live, Home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum as the 13th franchise in the National Lacrosse League. The new team will begin play next season for the 2019-20 campaign and the timing couldn’t be any better for a league that is growing towards something really big.

It’s exciting,” said NLL Commissioner Nick Sakiewicz. “We have a lot more work to do. I don’t think relief is the word…we’re very proud of what we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished in a short period of time. A 33 year old league feels like a start-up and we’re on the move.”

The Saints, at their apex, drew crowds of over 10,000 to the Coliseum and provided Long Island sports fans with an exciting product. That team also provided me with my first professional play by play job when I called Saints games on the radio from 1993 to 1996 so Tuesday’s announcement was a little extra special for me. Indoor lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and now that the Coliseum has been renovated, bringing the sport back to Uniondale is a no-brainer.

We’re thrilled,” said Erik Baker of GF Sports, the group selected by the league to receive the highly coveted Long Island franchise that a half a dozen potential ownership groups were interested in. “It’s a huge day for us and it’s a huge day for Long Island, Long Island lacrosse, sports fans on Long Island and we think that they’re underserved from a content standpoint and from a sports standpoint. We’re really happy to bring a team back.”

From a business standpoint, indoor lacrosse on Long Island certainly had ups and downs with the three previous franchises which made awarding a new team quite a lengthy and thorough process. The league was looking to check off three important boxes in their search for the right situation. They needed the right ownership group, the right venue, and the right venue deal.

They covered all three of those checks with GF Sports, the Nassau Coliseum, and a lease that made sense with BSE Global, the operators of the Coliseum.

We needed to put a real plan together and not just a couple of pieces of paper plan but a real plan,” said Sakiewicz. “These things aren’t easy to do. These are hard deals to get done and you have to pay attention to the details.”

One of the most important detail that the NLL paid attention to was GF Sports’ commitment to grassroots marketing on Long Island. The team has already reached out to the local lacrosse community to begin the process of forming relationships with the many youth clubs and leagues across Nassau and Suffolk.

When you think about the number of kids playing lacrosse on Long Island along with the parents, families and coaches, they are all potential fans of the new franchise, not just as paid customers but as partners in helping grow the sport.

Grassroots is going to be a huge component of what we do,” said Baker. “We’re looking to be partners with the local lacrosse community. That could mean box leagues that we put together for them. Box helps, in an enormous way, the field game in terms of a skill standpoint. All the kids, especially the young kids, we want to have them play box from a very early age to build their skills from a lacrosse standpoint.

A big part of what the Lizards do outdoors at their home games at Hofstra University is having the many youth lacrosse organizations purchase group tickets and play games on the field before the Lizards games. That could very well be the case for the new NLL team at the Coliseum having kids from all over Long Island playing on the field in the hours leading up to the games.

Now that the franchise is in place, the process begins to hire a front office along with a General Manager and Head Coach. The team also needs a name and colors and they’ve come up with a “Team Name Survey” on their website at that includes a question about a potential nickname.

Feeling nostalgic, I brought an old New York Saints jersey to the press conference on Tuesday and it became quite a talking point among reporters, league officials, and the owners. But “Saints” isn’t on the survey as one of the potential names. The choices provided are “New York Beacons”, “New York Riptide”, and “New York Force”. There is also a space to write in your own choice.

The ownership group is open to suggestions whether its “Saints” or any other name you can come up with.

We really want to hear from the community,” said Baker. “One of the good things about GF Capital and GF Sports is that we are not “invented here” guys. If someone has a better idea, we are wide open to it. We really want to see those ideas. We have done some focus groups and it was interesting because some people wanted the “Saints” but I also think that some people wanted something new.”

Hey, I’d love to see the team be called the “Saints” again but this is a different time and the league has grown by leaps and bounds from the time that other teams played at Nassau Coliseum. When you consider how the sport has grown, especially on Long Island where it was always popular, having a team play at the Coliseum again is exciting no matter what the name is because this time around the situation is better.

The building has been transformed and the right ownership group has been identified.

Our ownership group is all blue chip,” said Sakiewicz. “We have amazing owners in our league. The sport has grown up and has matured and you have granddads now that have played lacrosse and dads and young kids coming up more and more through the pipeline so the market is much stronger than it was twenty years ago or so. It’s a great time to be in the sport.”

And now the countdown to the 2019-20 season is officially underway. The new NLL franchise on Long Island has one year before the first face-off to put together a front office, a coaching staff and a roster. The process of selling season tickets is already underway as well as the very important component of reaching out to the community and the many kids playing this great sport.

And sometime in early 2019, there will be an event at Nassau Coliseum to unveil the team name and colors. Perhaps I’ll wear my Saints jersey that day to honor the past as the National Lacrosse League gets set to usher in the future…a future that finally has a team back where in belongs on Long Island.
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12/13/18 11:52 PM
Nashua High School North (NH) 2019 Att, Mid Hannah Fortin of Granite State Elite Lacrosse has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at University of Montevallo.

High School: Nashua High School North (Nashua, NH)
Grad Year: 2019
Positions: Attack, Midfield
College Committed to: University of Montevallo
Club Team: Granite State Elite Lacrosse
Expected Major: Education
Why did you choose University of Montevallo, Women's D2? "I chose this college because of the size, education program and lacrosse team. I also wanted to experience a different part of the country."
Is there anything else you would like to share? "I want to thank Coach Ciki and Coach Mark for all that they have done for me over the years. I am so thankful to have two coaches who inspire me and push me to get better everyday."

Contributed By:
Tom Michaelsen
Back Of The CAGE

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12/13/18 08:41 PM
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12/13/18 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by NJ_Laxer
Originally Posted by Anonymous
What about SJ Shamrocks, not select? They have both a boys and girls program. Where would you rank them for each of their programs?

SJ Shamrocks were just added to the Lax Fed so there boys teams def. deserve to be in the conversation of a top tier club.

SJ Shamrocks is not a top tier club. That doesn't mean they are terrible, but they are not top caliber. Also, they are not in the NLF (National Lacrosse Federation).

Lax Fed is an actual organization, not to be confused with NLF. Can't really comment on Lax Fed because I haven't really heard of the majority of the teams

All B&C teams. Smart to have another group like this but the talent is what it is. If you have a son who is more D2 and D3 it is a smart way to go. They will get better recruiting and better over all travel lacrosse experience at a Laxfed event on a comparable team. A better option for kids that play on the bench of an NLF club.
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12/13/18 03:44 PM
Loyola, Syracuse, Navy, Penn State all too high
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12/13/18 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous

And apparently you’re willing to lie for G or weren’t at the last tournament

23 parent here. G is on the sidelines helping coach (no surprise there since it is technically his club) but the other 2 coaches run the team. The NY coach isn't there often, though, as he apparently has some health issues.

At Battle on the Bay, Little G got a good bit of playing time but he wasn't in all the time.
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12/12/18 10:56 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
The hill is ridiculous. They spent spring break in the Md area and spanked teams. A public might win a game here and there. In general, it would be a beat down.

Hill Academy played Maryland Terps in the fall and won by 1 ! That was kept under wraps by UMD but very real outcome and Terps played their 1 and 2's mostly.
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12/12/18 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Club matters..... a lot. You think all those kids committing from top clubs are the best? Some definitely are, but others not so much. If you are not seen you cannot get recruited. Terps, 91, Legacy got to the top events and have pull to get kids into Showtime and other top events. Getting into Showtime is perhaps the most important. Kids who do well there get pursued heavily after 9/1. FLG jdo ant seem to have that kind of pull anymore.

Completely disagree. Yes a club gets more looks. Its easier to make to the NFL playing on Alabama with 12mplayers drafted last year than it was for Carson Wentz to make it to the pro's coming out of North Dakota HOWEVER if your kid is on Alabama and doesn't see the field or only plays when they are up by 30 do you think scouts like that? If your kid is above average its better for him to be the "man" on a B team/club no question (but you will have to work a little harder with colleges to get a look). Good coaches know talent. Lazy coaches just look at the big name clubs. And not to burst your bubble but the average tenure of college lacrosse coaches except for the big guys is about 2 years which means the vast majority of players will play for a different coach than recruits them. PICK A SCHOOL that you ant to be at if you stop playing lacrosse
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12/12/18 05:36 AM
Lenape Valley Regional High School (NJ) 2019 Goal Jenna Blesson has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

High School: Lenape Valley Regional High School (Stanhope, NJ)
Grad Year: 2019
Position: Goalie
College Committed to: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Lacrosse Honors: Most Saves in School History, Most Saves in a Single Season, 1st Team Colonial Conference, 1st Team All Herald, Voted to Have Top season in the State 2018 & Voted Best Goalkeeper in the NJGLL Conference 2017
Academic Honors: Honor Roll Scholar Athlete Award
Expected Major: Business

Contributed By:
Tom Michaelsen
Back Of The CAGE

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12/12/18 03:52 AM
Cardinal Mooney high School (FL) 2019 Goalie Nick Petruccelli of Monsters Lacrosse has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Lenoir-Rhyne University.

High School: Cardinal Mooney High School (Sarasota, FL)
Grad Year: 2019
Position: Goalie
College Committed to: Lenoir-Rhyne University
Club Team: Monsters Lacrosse, MacWear
Expected Major: Physical Sciences
Why did you choose Lenoir-Rhyne University, Men's D2? "I fell in love with the class sizes and how all the administration wants me to succeed academically along with the lacrosse coaches."
Is there anything else you would like to share? "I want to thank all of my coaches, teammates and my family for pushing me to be the person and goalie I am today."
What other colleges did you consider? "Limestone College, Rollins College, Lynn University & Florida Southern College"

Contributed By:
Tom Michaelsen
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12/11/18 11:06 PM
Silver Lake Regional High School (MA) 2019 Att Brendan Dean has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Mount Saint Mary College.

High School: Silver Lake Regional High School (Kingston, MA)
Grad Year: 2019
Position: Attack
College Committed to: Mount Saint Mary College
Lacrosse Honors: Blue Chip 225
Academic Honors: Honor Roll
Expected Major: Communication & Journalism
Why did you choose Mount Saint Mary College, Men's D3? "I loved MSMC from the minute I walked onto campus. MSMC had everything I was looking for in a college with great academics and a great lacrosse program. "
Is there anything else you would like to share? "Thank you so much to my mom and dad without there constant support and love I would not be where I am today without them. Also, thank you to my sister Caroline who I love very much"
What other colleges did you consider? "Manhattanville College"

Contributed By
Tom Michaelsen
Back Of The CAGE

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12/11/18 07:12 PM
No, it sounds like the 2026 Cannons just went to a 26/27 team to get a full roster.
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12/11/18 04:03 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Frosh tryouts are usually around 90-100. Take 48
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Anyone know when are freshmen tryouts?

There was a meeting a few weeks back.....did your son miss it?

What’s the numbers looking? Around 100 for freshman class?

Do you think they will make 2 teams out of that 50 kids???

No.....they have not in the past.
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12/11/18 01:59 AM
Eagle High School (ID) 2020 Def, Mid Shannon Troy of True Lacrosse has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Lindenwood University.

High School: Eagle High School (Eagle, ID)
Grad Year: 2020
Positions: Defense, Midfield
College Committed to: Lindenwood University
Club Team: True Lacrosse, Utah-Idaho National Team
Lacrosse Honors: 2018 All-Star Team Only Freshman on Varsity (2017)
Academic Honors: National Honors Society
Expected Major: Social Sciences
Why did you choose Lindenwood University, Women's D2? "On my college search I really wanted to find a college with not only a passion for lacrosse but a sense of community. Lindenwood is exactly that. From the moment I met the team, they welcomed me and made me feel included. I also really appreciate how the coaches not only believe in performing our very best on the field, but in the classroom as well. And to top all that off, the campus is beautiful. Lindenwood University is the perfect fit for me."
Is there anything else you would like to share? "I would like to thank my high school coach Brett Packard. She has always pushed me to do my best and is not only a great coach but a great support system that I have in my life. I would also like to thank Lauren Schmidt for helping and guiding me through my recruitment process. And lastly my parents, I would like to thank them for tagging along on all my lacrosse trips and being my biggest cheerleaders. "
What other colleges did you consider? "Embry-Riddle University, Lynchburg University, & Colorado Mesa University"

Contributed By
Tom Michaelsen
Back Of The CAGE

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12/10/18 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
The reason our express team doesn't play Box is that there is no money in it for Chan Tournaments are expensive because rink time and rosters have to be smaller so the BIG roster approach doesn't fly.
Truth is with our top two teams we could field 5 teams at the age group. Tempted to play box elsewhere as my son is intrigued by it and seems like fast fun

Facts !!

There are many boys on our team that would like to be playing it's unfortunate that Chan operates this way. May check out FLG

There is no way this came from someone on Chan's team.
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