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Yesterday at 11:17 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous

Zingos will be much much better. very underrated with one of the best defense coaches on the planet.

How does one acquire that title

Most who think they are the best love to elaborate. Give him a second, and I am sure he will write a novel explaining.
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Yesterday at 11:00 PM
All kinds of movement at the top in Baltimore. TLC top player moving to M&D, Skywalker open tryouts and open recruiting for new players, other programs also recruiting players.

I understand movement, not active cherrypicking of players not unhappy with their current team. Why not just develop your own players?
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Yesterday at 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous

Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous

The jealous haters are BAAAAACK!!! Where have you and your fake news been hiding, haters?? It’s really killing you that this seemingly invincible team is now even better. A lot better! It’s eating you alive, isn’t it?!!!

BS is not JS. JS wins. On BS last trip to the WSYL, his team lost in the semis. A team he coached since the very beginning. With a Director running the show, you'll see how many uncompetitive tournaments run by My Lacrosse Payday your team will be in instead of playing real competition at real tournaments.

BS?? The only BS here is the guy that keeps talking like he’s an expert on everything that he knows absolutely nothing about. The BS is you.

That loss still hurts, doesn't it BS? The look of disappointment in those kids eyes ... the parents who flew their kids out there thinking you'd lead them to a win. But, you didn't. You failed them. And now you're looking for redemption on the back of another team. Good luck with all ...
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Yesterday at 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous

Heard a rumour that Knights have folded.
Is it true?
Really surprised.

I am sure those kids can find spots at Express, renegades, or 91. They are the only clubs with decent 2nd teams.

Your completely wrong.
2nd teams in those established clubs are generally epic fails.
All the talent went to the first string teams.
Your just throwing your money away.

Your best bet is to call or email the others clubs like Rebels, Legacy, Outlaws, Turtles. They will let you know. Plus many could have a full roster of 20, but have flexibility to take one more if they feel the kid is good.

You want to play with other kids who are good. Not just the kids at the bottom of the list at tryouts. [/quote]

Legacy is going to be a disaster. My son went to one tryout and saw the level drop and we decided it wasn’t a good spot for our son who was on 91. Went to two different organizations tryouts and it was much better skill wise. Many of the legacy 2025 kids on geese were on their devils team. If your son is skilled stay away. If this is not their last season before they fold or don’t become the knights I would be surprised .

You were from 91 and went to one tryout at Legacy?
I think not!

Only one kid from 91 went to tryouts at Legacy and he went to both tryouts, not one.
And his parents would not post on this blog anything negative about Legacy.
They even have good friends with a son on that team.
Plus they have only respect for Chris Fiore.

Its pretty disgusting someone needs to impersonate someone else, in order to try and defame another team.
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Yesterday at 10:00 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Thanks for mentioning that you played in college. As if that has any current relevance.

Actually it totally makes all the revelance because someone who's been there can see it with a different perspective that a [ChillLaxin] such as yourself

It really doesn't make a difference. I played in college, yet understand all of the nuances of baseball by observing the game. If I didn't continually improve my knowledge of the game, what I learned on the field would be almost irrelevant. One thing people need to stop getting hung up on are coaches playing credentials. One of the coaches I learned the most from (when I began coaching) never played the game of lacrosse. He was a football player who immersed himself in lacrosse and is simply the best varsity coach I've ever been around. Knowledgeable, great motivator, even handed--no special treatment, etc. So, regardless of a coaches playing experience, observe how a guy runs a practice, how he communicates, how the kids play for him. Then judge.

Well said. I'm tired of talking to parents on the sideline who within 5 minutes manage to work into the conversation the fact that they played in college. Who cares. As if that somehow gives both them and their kid some sort of lacrosse street cred. The game played in the 80's and well into the 90s is absolutely nothing like the game today. Some of the best players I have seen in tournaments were produced by parents who didn't play, who acknowledged they were average athletes or non-athletes in their youth and who had the current appearance of only caring about the next beer in their cooler.

Yes agree you need not have played the game or be a former MLL player to be a good coach. Credentials like that are not what makes a good coach. What makes a good coach is someone who can motivate team unity and spirit and allow for individual talent to shine in each player by encouraging development and growth. Answering questions to players, parents and whomever else because that's part of it. Not told to sit down or for a parent to be told to leave the tournament and not come back because you asked a question. Not playing favorites and not taking dislike for the parents out on the kids who give 110 percent to the be there on the field because they love the game.
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Yesterday at 09:55 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Rumor has it that Dukes Nationals is not doing well....the word Bankruptcy has been used....Buyer beware!!!

Which legal entity would be declaring bankruptcy?
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Yesterday at 09:54 PM
Soooo....lets review....6 pages of drivel about the U19 team. And what did we learn??? Some girls made the team and some were cut. The coach doesn't know what she is doing. US lacrosse is useless. The players that made it were picked because of politics. The YJ 9th grade team would win the tournament. I would say they are the same conclusions found on most of the BOTC threads just insert boys/girls and grad year. The only thing missing is one team calling another teams parent obnoxious know-it-alls.
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Yesterday at 09:09 PM
Jesters has a great program
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Yesterday at 09:01 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
In the spring the eels went 5-7-2 , fl$ 2-1-2 , million 1-3 , prime time 2-3. Not sure how they did in the Fall but I know they didn’t win much. Keep spending 3k , with that record for spring guess your College players and varsity coaches did real good for you. EELS just admit your a B level team.

Not that you are stalking 9/10 year old boys. But... name one team besides the 3 mentioned that are better than them? They played in the A brackets and went .500. The roster is small and they get good playing time, unlike a 30 man roster. They play good competition and my son loves the coaches and teammates. They are a lot cheaper than 91, Express and Igloo. I do think they are all way too expensive.

Valid point your right comes down to it they are just kids playing a sport that they love and hopefully stay with and have fun !! not talking about the kids it’s just the crazy parents that make points they should not make .
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Yesterday at 08:33 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous

What are you talking about. How can the kids seriously play other sports when they are at a tournament every weekend. Some kids are good enough to play more than CYO basketball or summer roller hockey. When do those kids that Spallina encourage to play other sports get to do that. Let's not forget how often the bandits practice. When do these kids get to play that other sport you speak of? Please don't kid yourself.

Most play for their schools, which yields minimal conflicts because the fall football/soccer season just started, and lax has been done for a month. Most of the games are during the week, and all practices are, before or right after school. We have some boys on our team that do another sport semi-seriously outside of school still as well, and they do miss fall tournaments sometimes for another sport, and coaches seem fine with it. But for most, school sports are great because they are competitive enough but not insane at this age and you get to play with and in front of your friends.
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Yesterday at 07:57 PM
Great list. One interesting thing I saw this morning is that Diamondbacks are still looking for players.
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Yesterday at 07:44 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous

YOU AND THE GUY THAT WROTE THE QUOTE ABOVE ARE A BUNCH OF LITTLE BIT**** . Its obvious you are a parent that was cut because despite all this crap you are trying to post and crying about a post game speeches, what JM was doing the night before, kind of creepy that you are watching his every move, All except one player that was asked to return came back. There were a bunch of players that were removed from the team for various reasons, mostly just plain lack of skill and replaced with much better players.

The team will go on and be better. Got rid of DEAD weight. Got rid of weak parents. All of the players that were cut should have never been on the team. These post show what type of parents they are. Trying to undermine someone anonymously is so pathetic. He is a good coach who demands a lot from his kids.

Other posts shares a bad experiences, which is what a forum is about. Sharing good and bad experiences. Thats why BOTC exists. Your post is nasty, mean and name calling. Why calling kids dead weight and parents weak? You complain about anonymous posting but didn't post your name too.
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Yesterday at 06:44 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
No way that there will be shot clocks at fall and summer tournaments. Most tournaments can't even get enough balls on the end lines. Let alone getting clocks setup at every field. NFHS rules are already different than NCAA. Nothing forcing tournaments to have 20/60 rules.

Yup. Because keep in mind that implementing this rule requires not just clocks on the endlines, but the power infrastructure to run them (or even more money and a separate power infrastructure to charge battery powered units), the remote controller units, and people who can actually pay attention the entire game to reset the clocks.

Ten bucks we have the timers but the refs keep the time.
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Yesterday at 04:21 PM
TLC has been decimated
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Yesterday at 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
With tryouts over now, will there be much movement?

very very little

no movement from 'A' team to 'A' team...probably some B to B team movement happened

Don't be surprised. There is always some A to A team movement.
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Yesterday at 03:56 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
as Someone who has seen what a lot of teams have coming back next year... I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bay Shore or Riverhead in the final 4 of Suffolk A next year... both have a better shot at the final 4 than HillsE imho. WM seems like a lock w what they have returning.

I like both those teams you mention, but they will both have a much more difficult schedule. Probably I wouldnt snooze on HHH/West Islip. Its the race for 2 just not sure who #1 will be.
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Yesterday at 03:02 PM
Lots of Hawks kids moving around
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Yesterday at 12:58 PM
Originally Posted by Montco
Truth is Merging with MSI killed the 2023s. Despite reassuring summer practices would stay at MP, it's only a matter of time before everything ends up at MSI. Why would MSI rent field space when they own fields? For at least half the kids MP was a haul, now add 30-45 mins. MP and All Sports was a better mix for most.

90% of the kids would have stayed despite being under .500 this year, there were few teams that can say they played that tough of schedule all year. It also hurt by not having named a coaching staff for 2023 and below no knew what they would be walking into, especially after announcing the Elevated merger.

No they wouldn't have...
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Yesterday at 12:53 PM
Copied and pasted this from another thread.
This says it all.

In the end you do this because your kid loves to play.
- dont do it for the scholarships. You are better off not doing it then, saving that money, and you would end up having more money for your kid for college.
- dont do it if your kid is not being played. Thats just ridiculous. What is he practicing for. You practice so you will play well in your games. If he is not being played, its a waste. Pick a different team.
- dont do it because your kid wants to be on the top team. You are sending the wrong message to your kid. Being part of somerhing in name only, but not contributing to it by playing in the game, means he really earned nothing.
- dont do it just because you want to tell others your kid is on the top team. Your actually harming your kids self esteem, as he continues to watch others play instead of him.
- dont force your kid to play just to relive your dreams in your youth. Your child needs to choose their own path. That is the only way they will be successful and happy. That should be your goal.

If your kid enjoys lacrosse, pick a team where
- he is played. He doesnt have to be a starter. But he needs to play a decent amount of time in games.
- there is a team environment where there may not be equal playing time for all, but every player gets reasonable playing time.
- there is one team per age group. Or at least your on the top team. All the second teams are money grabs. Its way to difficult for organizations to pull in enough talent at tryouts to field 2 teams in an age group. (And everyone at tryouts wont accept). You are better playing for another club.
- Dont be a sucker paying ridiculous figures. Figure out what they are really giving you for your money. Is it really worth it? Why did tuition go up 25%? Certainly costs didnt increase that much in a year.
- Talk to people who you know or that friends know play for or played for that organization to get a better picture. Get the inside scoop.
- make a list of questions. And call and talk to the coaches before accepting an offer. If they wont talk to you, or give you nonsense answers, then run. It can only get worse from there.
- make sure the organization is investing in proper coaches for your team. Not just one head coach and the rest volunteer daddy coaches getting a free ride for their kid.

Once on your team
- dont switch mid season. It does nothing but hurt your kids image when he tries out for other clubs. And teaches your kid the wrong lesson about following through with his commitment to his team.
- make sure your kid enjoys playing for the team when deciding to try out next season.
- if you find during the season the organization does not follow through with what they promised, then walk after the end of the season. Find another team. Otherwise it will only get worse.
- practice with your kid. And make sure your kid understands practicing daily at home is the only way he will get better.
- when at tournaments enjoy the game. Dont be crazy on the sidelines shouting. Let the coaches do the coaching.
- dont let winning be everything. In the end it should be whether your kid is enjoying thenselves, and developing as a player. You certainly dont want to lose all the time. But you also dont want to win at any cost.

Have a great season
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Yesterday at 10:34 AM
Presidents Cup
Lax 4 Cure

All girls
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08/19/18 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Anyone see the USClubLax Rankings? Surprising the HoCo teams did so poorly this summer at the top events. I've never even heard of some of these clubs. No DC Express, Hawks, or T91 MD. Just Crabs, Madlax, FCA, and Roughriders.

"These rankings are based off the 2018 results at several top tournaments throughout the country (NLF Club National Championship, Naptown National Challenge, Crab Feast And, The NLF Main Event). This ranking looks at all age levels within a program. Each age level results are combined to create a program wide win percentage. Teams are given a small deduction if a team is not entered in all age groups. Than a “level of competition” adjustment is made (wins in lower brackets do not amount to as much as a win in the highest bracket). Additionally, a small boost is given to a club if they win an age group. This overall win percentage is program wide. Meaning if a program fields multiple teams in each age group we will take the win percentage from all teams entered."

1. Team 91
2. Express Lacrosse
3. LB3 Thunder
4. Primetime Lacrosse
5. Crabs Lacrosse
6. Leading Edge
7. Sweet Lax
8. Eclipse
9. Laxachusetts
10. Big 4 HHH
11. Legends Lacrosse
12. NJLC
13. N.E. Twisters
14. Mad Lax
15. Mesa Lacrosse
16. N.H. Tomahawks
17. FCA
18. Top Gun Fighting Clams
19. West Coast Starz
20. Denver Elite
21. True National
22. Roughriders
23. Team Carolina
24. Boneyard Lacrosse
​25. The Lacrosse School

No Hawks? Laughable.

No Evergreen no Cav’s even more laughable
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08/19/18 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Long Island parent here.....I hate the age excuse that LI parents use. If you don’t like it, don’t go down and play them. We’re the stunads who don’t organize leagues on Long Island umongst our own travel teams because of selfish club owners. MD parents / clubs are outsmarting LI clubs. No hotels, no traffic, significantly less money....,.they bring us down, kick our butts and are at the bch 20 minutes after their last game.

And your vast experience through grade 5 is what your basing these comments on. Please stop.....You know not what you are talking about.
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08/19/18 01:32 AM
Are/Were there any high school coaches at any tryouts just observing? Isn’t this the year for that? Next summer would be too late. Speaking of that will there be any coaches at any of the fall tournaments? This is for private schools obviously.
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08/18/18 02:25 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
[quote=Anonymous]Please tell me where I say I don't have a daughter on the team? I said I don't have a daughter in the age group. Nor did I say it twice. You still have not identified your team. Wonder why, maybe you keep losing to them? What is your background with Igloo? I have not knocked any teams Im pointing out facts and my opinion, yet you still have nothing to add. Maybe we can discuss at tournament next year, Ill be the one with the red moustache and big smile...

YJ does not lose to Igloo again and you can take that to the bank.

You are definitely not a finance major! The only way that happens if if Igloo dissolves. Otherwise you again are making claims that are not backed up. We have heard for the past year how Thorn was “looking great” and “going to win”. Well, none of that happened. In fact, it was another disappointing and embarrassing year for the big “bad” YJs. Facts are this: YJ can’t beat top teams, and are in 3rd place on LI. The only thing I can say you deserve is a participation trophy.
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08/17/18 05:09 PM
Hofstra hired a former Pride athlete John Gorman as its new defensive coordinator, replacing Kevin Unterstein. Unterstein recently took the open assistant position at North Carolina.

Press Release:
Hempstead, NY – Hofstra Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach Seth Tierney today announced the appointment of Rutgers assistant coach and former Pride student-athlete and coach John Gorman as assistant coach/defensive coordinator in 2018-19.

The three-year Pride letterman returns to Hofstra after two successful years as an assistant coach/defensive coordinator at Rutgers University. During his tenure with the Scarlet Knights, Gorman helped lead the Rutgers defense to an overall team defensive ranking of 18th in 2017 and 23rd in 2018. In addition, Gorman had five All-American honorees, five All-Big-10 honorees, one Big 10 Defensive Player of the Year Award winner and 19 victories during his two years at Rutgers.

Prior to coaching at Rutgers, Gorman served as assistant men's lacrosse coach/assistant defensive coordinator under Kevin Unterstein on Seth Tierney's staff at Hofstra from August 2012 through August 2016.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring back one of our own alums to the staff at Hofstra,” Tierney said. “Having the experience as both a player and a coach with the Pride, John brings the invaluable knowledge of our system while also possessing additional coaching knowledge after two successful seasons at Rutgers. We are proud to welcome John back to the Hofstra family.”

The Lindenhurst, New York native was a defensive midfielder for the Pride from 2005 through the 2007 seasons. During that time, he played in a total of 40 games, starting 15, and picked up 30 ground balls and one assist.

As a senior captain in 2007, Gorman started all 14 games, picked up 20 ground balls and received the Bengt Barbaccia Award for the second consecutive year. He was part of Hofstra's 2006 team that posted a school record 17 wins, won the Colonial Athletic Association championship, advanced to the NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship quarterfinals and received his first Barbaccia Award. He also tallied one assist and picked up seven ground balls on the season. Gorman played in 10 games as a sophomore in 2005, picking up three ground balls and receiving the David McCartney Memorial Endowed Scholarship Award. Gorman holds a bachelor's degree in physical education from Hofstra.

Gorman came to Hofstra after two years and one playing season at Nassau Community College in Garden City, New York where he was a NJCAA All-America second team selection, team captain and helped lead the Lions to the division championship and the NJCAA national semifinals.

A three-sport athlete at Lindenhurst (N.Y.) High School, Gorman lettered in lacrosse, football and wrestling and was a two-time All-Suffolk County selection in wrestling and an honorable mention all-county pick in football.

After graduation from Hofstra, Gorman served as a teacher and coach on the high school and elementary levels from 2007 through 2012. Gorman served as assistant varsity lacrosse coach at South Side High School on Long Island from the fall of 2007 through 2012, and assistant varsity and junior varsity head wrestling coach from November, 2010 through 2012.

Gorman also served as a health and physical education instructor at Joseph Barry Technical School in Westbury, NY from 2012 through 2015. Gorman, who served as a lifeguard for the Town of Babylon from 1999 through 2012, also taught in the Rockville Centre School District from 2008 through 2012.
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