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by Anonymous. 06/20/18 04:17 PM
Boys 2024 - 6th Grade Fall 2017/Summer 2018
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Boys 2025 - 5th Grade Fall 2017/Summer 2018
by Anonymous. 06/20/18 03:50 PM
Boys 2023 - 7th Grade Fall 2017/Summer 2018
by Anonymous. 06/20/18 03:44 PM
Boys 2020 - 10th Grade Fall 2017/Summer 2018
by Anonymous. 06/20/18 03:41 PM
Girls 2023 - 7th Grade Fall 2017/Summer 2018
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Boys 2027 - 3rd Grade Fall 2017/Summer 2018
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13 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Does anyone know what happened to the Bandits? Hoping to get a legit answer.

Afraid of Annapolis Hawks maybe? I believe they have lost to them previously

Bandits have never lost to the Hawks so there's your answer for that. . The actual answer is the Bandits were never signed up for this tournament it was a mistake as the Warriors are in. Actually surprised so many teams headed to Denver are playing this weekend especially teams like express and primetime being that both will be missing players in Denver. With our team most of the families are leaving for Denver early next week and this weekend was designated as a practice weekend for our boys to get ready.

If you go to the Bandits web page it lists their tournaments - Lax Clash is listed. True - Hawks have never beaten the Bandits... but there is a first time for everything, you never know.
If the Hawks were really too old for the tournament, they wouldn't be playing in it.

Everyone knows that the school cut off date is different in Maryland then it is in NY. That's just a fact of life. A 2023 is a 2023. Maybe they are just looking for a challenge. Hopefully they get it.

"If the Hawks were really too old for the tournament, they wouldn't be playing in it". "A 2023 is a 2023"

Do you realize that these two statements are laugh-out-loud silly. "A 2023 is a 2023" is another way of saying - Hey, if the kid PLANS on graduating HS in 2023, than he gets to play on the 2023 team. Which means age is irrelevant. If age is irrelevant, than how can anyone be too old? Its an impossibility. The bottom line is that there is no such thing as being too old for a tournament. This is sad, and should be so for both the older kids and the younger kids.

It may seem hard to believe, but there are teams from L. I.that are looking forward to competing against the out of state teams. Good luck to all this weekend.
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42 minutes ago
Are any current Duke's nationals parents (2023) aware if the players report cards are still needed as part of the program? my son joined last year but has not been asked to provide one all year, I am just wondering if this is a thing of the past, seems to be the team has changed since it first started a few years ago from what I have been hearing all year.
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1 hour ago
quite frankly , i am surprised more programs are not using video . in a visual electronic world where every kid has an i pad or phone of some sort, what better hammerhead to use then to show these children how they can improve in both games and practice.
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1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
OK thanks. Saw the Legacy B team in action this weekend. Had some nice cooked in the semi final but was a long day. Wanted to see how they compared to O reillys team. Have heard good things about him as a coach.

A few of the parents from Legacy B were absolute trash. Beat a 4th/5th grade town team and thought they were the greatest.
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1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous

That's pretty spot on!! Crush was beat at there own game. Others caught up, and the "he's only in 8th grade" comment is downright pathetic, as he should be in 10th. Please stop!!!

FCA Player who should have graduated this year.
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1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous

Stop your fussing playing Hero's green Saturday and then we'll pound our chest some more.

lol good luck with that one. You will get spanked.
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1 hour ago
Never seen orange play, but know a few of the coaches and hear that its an unbelievable team. My son's 24 team has played the 91B team a few times and they are a well coached, feisty, talented team.
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2 hours ago
My son played at the UA tryouts the last two nights. I think it was a great experience for him, but the one thing that I thought was really odd was that there were so many more coaches there on Monday night compared to Tuesday. I would have thought it would have been the exact opposite. Is it like this every year? Just curios
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2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Look out for O2 Lacrosse..bunch of studs on those teams and a first year program...2022's ran the table at the NXT Meltdown this past weekend taking home the Cup! Keep your eyes out for them as getting to the top sooner rather then later.

Mad Dog beat Blue Star in the '22 A bracket. They do win best post of the week, a Great Fortnite reference by their coach.
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2 hours ago
LOUISVILLE, Ky.—Following a national search, Bellarmine University announced today that Jim Mitchell will become the next head coach of the Bellarmine lacrosse team.

"Jim's incredible passion, energy and enthusiasm for Bellarmine are clearly evident and make him an outstanding choice as the next Knights head coach," said Bellarmine Director of Athletics Scott Wiegandt. "He is knowledgeable about the Bellarmine program and respectful of the program's history and is confident he can take it to the next level."

Mitchell, most recently the offensive coordinator at Rutgers University and a former Duke assistant, is no stranger to the Bellarmine lacrosse program, having served on the Knights' coaching staff during the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

"I am both honored and deeply grateful for the opportunity to represent Bellarmine University as the head men's lacrosse coach," Mitchell said. "I would like to thank Dr. Susan Donovan, Scott Wiegandt and the entire search committee for this chance to be a part of something truly special. I would also like to thank my family, Rutgers Head Coach Brian Brecht and countless others for their unwavering support throughout my career."

"Over the years I have been fortunate to learn from mentors who value the relationships with student-athletes and the campus community above all else," Mitchell said. "Bellarmine University as a whole epitomizes this philosophy and the future of the lacrosse program will be built on a foundation of honesty, integrity and perseverance."

The past four seasons, Mitchell served on the staff at Rutgers University, coordinating the offense for the last three years. During that span, Mitchell led the Scarlet Knights to a national top 25 ranking for scoring offense each year and mentored seven Big 10 performers.

While Mitchell was at Rutgers, the Scarlet Knights achieved a number one national ranking for the first time in school history and finished the 2017 and 2018 seasons ranked 11th in the final USILA coaches poll.

Just prior to serving at Rutgers, Mitchell spent two years as Bellarmine's defensive coordinator, and the Knights ranked in the top 15 of the nation in goals against average. At Bellarmine, Mitchell coached both Dillon Ward and Bobby Schmitt, the Knights' only two All-Americans in program history. Bellarmine also earned a USILA top 20 ranking in 2013.

"I look forward to honoring our accomplished alumni and to collaborating with them to help educate the current team on the unique and exciting history of the program," Mitchell said. "When it comes time to compete on game day, our student-athletes will play with the passion and pride of those who first blazed the trail for lacrosse at Bellarmine University."

Mitchell said his previous experience at Bellarmine make returning to Louisville something of a homecoming. "Having spent time at Bellarmine in the past, Louisville already feels like home to me and my family," he said. "I cannot wait to meet the young men who will help lead the bright future of Knights lacrosse in the community and the classroom while also competing for Southern Conference championships!"

Mitchell is a graduate of St. Mary's College of Maryland, where he was a midfielder and captain of the lacrosse team. He began his coaching career in the 2006-07 academic year as an assistant at Goucher College, serving for two years as defensive coordinator before earning his master's degree from the Baltimore school.

He then moved on to Roanoke College for two seasons as the top assistant and recruiting coordinator. While Mitchell was at Roanoke, the Maroons compiled a two-year record of 35-5, won a regular-season conference title, spent several weeks as the No. 1 team in the nation in the USILA Div. III poll, and made two NCAA tournament appearances.

In 2011, he joined Duke University as an assistant coach with an emphasis on goalies and defense. In his one season at Duke, the Blue Devils reached the NCAA semifinals and produced six All-Americans.

Mitchell officially begins his Bellarmine duties on July 2.

-Story Written by Bellarmine Athletics Dept
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2 hours ago
First year program, O2 Lacrosse 2022's just won the NXT Meltdown..running the table going out for this program with boys coming from bergen, rockland, westchester and Orangecounty! Pretty impressive if you ask me!
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4 hours ago
What school district was the “move the position” coach from?
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6 hours ago
I agree with the ties at #7 TS, 91 not bad. Eclipse hasn't played much yet so hard to gauge. LoneWolf is remnants of SuperStar and other teams. Who is Pride?

IMO Rankings 2023

1. Primetime
2. Predators
3. 2-Way
4. Eclipse, Express North
6. Rhino
7. TS 91 Select, LoneWolf,
9. 3d 91 Tri-State, Pride
11. Ballers, Swash, Warriors
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12 hours ago
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Yesterday at 10:42 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
DC Express beat BBL twice in 2 days and Hawks--that team is on the rise.

Very good team
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Yesterday at 09:53 PM
According to the Tourney Machine app YJ beat M&D 9-5.
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Yesterday at 07:45 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
I am talking about the HSE team that was the only team to beat Ward Melville during the regular season and lost (yes, by a lot) to Ward Melville in the Championship.

Thanks for the 'timely" clarification, I have never heard Half Hollow Hills East abbreviated as HSE, I can not even logically think of what the "S" stands for - I have always thought it was HHHE - and while we are laxplaining things how does a person know if SE is Sachem East or Smithtown East ?

I think if you live in the area its referred to as High School East and High School West so HSE and HSW.
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Yesterday at 03:43 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Great day at the LI Lax Fest. Best game of the day in the A division was Empire vs Ambush. 7-6 win for Ambush to go to the championship to face Wogue. That game was called at 5-1 when a fight broke out and parents ran onto the field. Let the refs and coaches take care of these things.

Originally Posted by Anonymous
Great day at the LI Lax Fest. Best game of the day in the A division was Empire vs Ambush. 7-6 win for Ambush to go to the championship to face Wogue. That game was called at 5-1 when a fight broke out and parents ran onto the field. Let the refs and coaches take care of these things.

Wogue played a zone, one parent was a hammerhead

Don't know what that parent was thinking. That could have escalated and been really ugly.
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Yesterday at 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Bracket looks good

91md, Eclipse, Primetime, S2S, Laxachusetts, etc. And that's just AA. A lot very good clubs playing this year at all age groups.
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Yesterday at 01:15 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Not sure where or how to post this-
When do you think it’s time to move on from a club?
Been with the club for three years. About a 40-50% win percentage. I know it’s not about the wins. We play in a major club league against the hardest competition out there.
The thing is - it’s become stagnant. The club offers goalie training and draw training on the first day of practice of each spring/ fall season only.
Suffered thru four hard games this weekend that would have been different if we would have won the draw. Same girls has been doing the draw for three years. Can’t win it worth crap and they insist on staying middies. Same middies for last three years who barely break 5’ and 90 lbs wet.
My daughter isn’t learning anything new.
Other teams chewed up our defense like bubblegum with aggressive moves that just were not in our playbook.
Our attack can’t move the ball past the 8meter. They have to stop the momentum to regroup every time.
I know I sound like a Monday morning QB but club takes up so much time for The whole family.

Can you share your club name or location so others can avoid it?
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06/18/18 06:39 PM
Why would YJ and Hero's green be in the same bracket and not play each other? Instead play teams that we shut out. Silly
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06/18/18 04:51 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
WOW..... I am late to all of this but here is my thoughts.... it may take a bit.
As far as the Internet tough guy/evaluators.... concerning the 2015 class (the ones picked for the U.S U-19 team) as a control case.

one of the goalies picked for the U19 team (supposedly the best) has been benched and has not retained her spot (NU) he other has been replaced multiple times because of poor play(ND) meanwhile, goalies that got less press are on the #1(SB) and #2 (BC) teams in the country, and two of the best players in the country (Apuzzo and Leavy) were passed over for lesser players today (Ortega and Miller)So just maybe how you play when you're 13 or 14 doesn't really mean that much when your 20.

Seeing as this is a LI thread...... looking at Florida... it seems the "me first" "go to goal" play from the sisters from the YJ club do more to hurt them than help, while the real deal player (from Liberty, I know you YJ lovers will hate this, but it is true) is the only real Tewaaraton worthy player on the team. In reality, no YJ player is really worthy this year or next (Except maybe Ortega from UNC) but definitely players from TG and Lib are.

Fall ball means Nothing.... when your daughter gets to college you will realize this

All coaches (especially college coaches) are lying to you. unless you are in the top 1%........ and no your kid is not one of them.

Spallina is the worst thing to happen to woman lacrosse, but is a great coach

Northwestern only seems better because they are not playing the hardest schedule this year.... average at best. gets by on n name recognition ( but so does 'cuse

Dude you seem to be the most uninformed know it all internet posting loser in a long time .You have no idea why the NW goalie lost her starting spot nor do you have a clue why the ND goalie has been replaced in certain games. The fact that a few goalies that got less press are on the top teams does not indicate they are the best goalies you dope. As much as I detest losers like you putting young girls names on the site to tear them down you show your ignorance as one of your “ lesser players today” is a mid season first team all American while one of your best players in the country is not team 1,2, or 3 . Keep your idiotic opinions to yourself as you obviously have some sort of strange crush on CR and it just makes you so angry she finds you effeminate.

What happened to the original poster ? Could it be that YJ had 9-10 D1 AA, TG 2-3, Lib 2-3.
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06/18/18 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by Dumbdad
Here is a conversation starter on this beautiful fathers day morning. Who has the hottest moms at the NAL tournament? My vote based on yesterdays observations would be sweetwater NY.

Your name fits your posts.
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06/15/18 07:12 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Roster is posted.. advertised at 22 but they picked 23??
Lots of YJ
Handful of TG
4- unk

A few from Liberty
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06/15/18 03:54 PM
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