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Boys 2023-8th Grade Fall 2018/Summer 2019
by Anonymous. 09/22/18 02:09 PM
2018 Women's DI, II & III College Lacrosse Season
by Anonymous. 09/22/18 09:34 AM
Boys 2024-7th Grade Fall 2018/Summer 2019
by Anonymous. 09/22/18 09:09 AM
Long Island Yellow Jackets Lacrosse
by Anonymous. 09/21/18 09:42 PM
Boys 2023-8th Grade Fall 2018/Summer 2019
by Anonymous. 09/21/18 09:01 PM
Boys 2025-6th Grade Fall 2018/Summer 2019
by Anonymous. 09/21/18 04:20 PM
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4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Almost every kid on the turtles has been on a different team each year or so.Not saying they will crumble but the coaches have their work cut out for them.
Most of those parents by the end of the year won’t be happy with something and will be looking to move AGAIN where the grass is
Good luck to the kids and coaches!

Coach, you're a fake. Just get over your ego. Before tryouts you and your over baked leather skinned side kick mom attempted to convince several of the families you are trashing to come play for you. Luckily, they turned you down.Families are free to go where ever they feel necessary, and you have no control over it. Maybe you should sped more time focusing on your team as a whole, rather than a few favorites. The parents that left, saw right through your and your little minion side kicks B.S. Remember kids don't fail adults, adults fail kids.

What team has a minion mom?

I think the Head Minion is bald.
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5 hours ago
Merrimack is transitioning to Division I. The defending DII national champions will join the NEC in 2019/20 becoming the 11th member of the conference and will be eligible for the league's automatic qualifier starting in 2023/24.

Merrimack is currently a member of the Northeast 10 conference in Division II for this upcoming season in all but two sports and will be able to compete for NE10 championships this year. The Warriors men’s and women’s hockey teams are members of Hockey East in Division I and will stay in that conference. The Warriors will start their membership as members of the NEC beginning in the 2019-20 academic year and will be “incorporated as fully as possible into NEC athletic schedules.”

The school will be a full member of the conference prior to the start of the 2023-24 school year. There is a four-year NCAA Division I reclassification period that the school will have to go through and will be able to participate in NEC championships in non-automatic qualifier sports (lacrosse is not one of them).

We are thrilled to welcome Merrimack College to the Northeast Conference family!” Morris said in the press release. “From the outset it was extremely evident that President [Christopher] Hopey and the entire campus community had a clear vision to elevate the academic and athletic profile of Merrimack College. With increased investment in resources, capital improvements and personnel, that vision has become a reality with Merrimack’s most successful competitive season in 2017-18 and the college’s largest incoming freshman class ever entering in the fall 2018. We are very excited that the NEC will be the future home of the Warriors!”
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9 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Is there anywhere to look at the Fall Ball schedule?

US Lacrosse website has most listed. They start this weekend.
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9 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
I think the point was that there is a high concentrate of 2005's on the AA teams. And there are! I agree that most of the boys will qualify for WSYL. But there is something to be said about having kids play on age. Taz has a big number of 05's, and I know wp has mostly 06's I give them a lot of credit.But they got out-sized last year and this year the puberty thing will be overwhelming to them. So they go and grab a big strong 05 from Express. If you cant beat them join them.

WP parent here. The team picked up two Fall 05's at tryout, which totals two 05's on the team. With 23 players on the team, that's approximately 8% of the team are 05's, which means... 92% of the team have 06 DOB's. Previous to this year, it was always... 100% 06 DOB's.

So, saying that the vast concentration of players are from 05, or 95% of the players on AA teams have 05 DOB's, that is simply a myth, spread by people on here, who's kid was cut by these top teams. Myth dispelled!

Only referring to Long Island here. I'm sure that the 95% number is pretty close to accurate for all the MD teams.

Hate to break it to you but vast majority of 2006s will need to repeat or PG if you have D1 dreams. Take a quick scan of rosters for Duke or Princeton or any others which list birthdays. Both of those schools freshman classes last year had only 2 on age kids (1999 in their case). The rest of the class were 1998s (turning 20 freshman year) and even one 1997! (yes a 21year old freshman)
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10 hours ago
American Heritage High School (FL) 2020 Goalie Chloe Provenzano of Florida Select has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Harvard University.

High School: American Heritage (Delray Beach, FL)
Grad Year: 2020
Position: Goalie
College Committed To: Harvard University
Club Team: Florida Select
Expected Major: Biology
Other Schools Visited? Florida, North Carolina, Georgetown and Hopkins
Why did you choose Harvard University, Women's D1? Harvard is consistently ranked among the best universities in the world. I believe Harvard’s academics and athletics will challenge me and enable me to achieve my personal best. Coach Devon Wills, a legendary goalie in women’s lacrosse, asked me to be
Is there anyone you would like to thank? There are so many people to thank. I would like to start with my Florida Select teammates and coaches. We have played together for so many years and have pushed each other to become one of the elite travel teams in the country.
Awards, Accomplishments: 2018 IL Young Guns Top Junior, 2018 UA Highlight South Team, 2018 Florida High School State Champs, 2018 AH Ranked 5th in the nation by US Lacrosse, 2018/2017 South Florida National Teams, 2017 UA uncommitted team.
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21 hours ago
apologies for the dumb question....with 2027 YJ tryouts next weekend, how do they field a team in a tournament this past weekend? or all the other teams for that matter? was there secret pre tryout?
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21 hours ago
Originally Posted by ILovePigs
Great now my son is dead weight cant wait untill we play the dirty birds. Heard they were playing man defense this year..yea right when pigs fly!!

Dead weight ? dirty birds ? man defense ? pigs fly ? Are these secret code words used in youth lacrosse?
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Yesterday at 08:20 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
I wrote that quote and my son doesn’t play for 24 and he never would play for that club. It about every club that everyone has opinions on. Opinions are like
butt everyone has one

To that point. Why wouldn’t your son play for 2 four?
Whatever you answer is the value of the board. Where else can I get insight in to a club? If I ask the club theyre surely not going to explain how they will take my money but my son will not play as much as the kid who didn’t pay or practice and is a full year older.
What I do with your opinion is on me. In the case of 20+5-1 I’ve def seen and heard enough to know Outlaws or Fl$ Are better choices.

FL$ has a huge lawsuit going on. Probably not a good option right now. There is an entire thread dedicated to that. You may want to read that before considering them.

Thanks. Did know that from this site....even with the lawsuits they're probably still better and more honest than 2x12.

Personally I would just rule out both. So many better options out there.
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Yesterday at 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
The Tribal website says "possible tournaments". Given the schedule of last year, this possible schedule may be a stretch.

It is definitely a very aggressive schedule, good for them if they play it and do well, otherwise it could be a long summer. That said, the only way to get better is to play a tougher schedule, not much long term value in beating up less talented teams every weekend.

Still waiting for the top clubs in NJ to create a spring league. No reason to drive to Philly.

I could not agree more, but for some reason the NJ teams do not like to play each other. You do see a lot of Philly kids move around from team to team each year, perhaps the Jersey teams want to protect their product. The other issue is that NJ does not really have a great centrally located multi field turf venue like the proving grounds.
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Yesterday at 05:32 PM
St. Paul's School for Girls (MD) 2020 Att Elizabeth Kennedy of Redshirts Lacrosse Club has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at University of Louisville.

High School: St. Paul's School for Girls (Baltimore, MD)
Grad Year: 2020
Position: Attack
College Committed To: University of Louisville
Club Team: Redshirts Lacrosse Club
Expected Major: Engineering
Why did you choose University of Louisville, Women's D1?
"I chose Louisville because I believe it is a place where I can thrive both academically and on the lacrosse field. The Cards have a wonderful coaching staff. Coach Teeter, Coach Kay, and Coach Renee are amazing coaches, and are creating a great culture that I am inspired to become a part of. I am very excited to join the Cardinal women's lacrosse family."
Is there anything else you would like to share?
"To my parents. I want to thank you both for supporting me, and helping me through this whole process. You have been there for me my entire life, and have helped me improve as a person and a lacrosse player. I can not thank you enough for everything you sacrificed to get me where I am today. To my coaches. I want to say thank you to all of the coaches that I have had through out my life. You have all helped me to become a better player, and learn that success is earned. Whether it was in Lacrosse, Field Hockey, or Indoor Track you have all helped me improve and believe in myself. I would not be the person that I am today without the advice and experiences that you have given me. To my teammates. Thank you for challenging me to become better. Without all of you I would never be where I am today. I would have never developed the skills that are essential to my play without your support and hard work. Thank you for giving me the honor of playing with all of you. To my Grandfather. Thank you for spending countless hours every day practicing lacrosse with me. I can not express how grateful I am that you are in my life. I am truly thankful for the time and effort that you put in to helping me improve. I hope you get better soon. Love you. "
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Yesterday at 03:44 PM
Play club. enjoy it. Skip the showcases. go to prospect days of the schools you are interested in summer of 20, not before, and the calls will come if they are warranted. Speaking as the father of a 20 and a later side bloomer physically. Even then still, at that point they will watch you seriously and recruit you unless you are one of the freakishly fully grown kids at that point--20 of them will be signed immediately. That's it. Slow your roll, save your money.
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Yesterday at 01:36 PM
A couple DC Express
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Yesterday at 12:37 PM
[quote=Anonymous]igloo was bought out by YJ

Look on the YJ web site Igloo is one of the 24 teams listed
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Yesterday at 02:59 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Legacy EELs look great this year should be the top team in 2026.

Enough with this legacy team , must be a new parent from a team that there kid didn’t make , the team was a B team last year that played in a A tournaments and lost more than they won because they go away and don’t stay on the island and play 91 express igloo and still lost out of state. Stop saying they look great who really cares.
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Yesterday at 02:44 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
If your son isn't good enough to play in the games yet, work harder in the mini camps as well as at home so he can improve.
Or, alternatively, just stay completely away from the whole situation.

Very disappointed to see that Dukes has let the Dukes National model infest their high school program. I always thought the Dukes Nationals program was just a money grab, and that Dukes would stay true to providing a solid program at the H.S. level for kids in PA, South Jersey, and Northern DE. With their decision to have (2) 2022 teams. They have allowed all the 2021 holdback kids from MD that played on the 2022 Duke Nationals program last year to infiltrate the Philly club lacrosse scene, not to mention all the kids from CA,TX, NC,NY. Why would a Baltimore area kid, play for a Philly club when there are numerous top notch MD programs? Asking for a friend.

I would guess that most Duke Elite players play on other teams were they get practice.

As far as the out of state kids etc my gut is that you will have one team that is the 2022 National team from last year and one that is a local talent team. But the team designations havent come out yet so could be wrong. Funny thing is that some of the National kids are average at best, many of local kids are jst as good if not better.
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09/20/18 11:41 PM
Apparently the better 91Tristate 2022 team will be very solid this year. A bunch of very good core kids with new solid additions. I also heard they are moving up in tournament competition because they rocked many solid B teams last summer and even beat some very legitimate lower AA teams. Anyone know anything about this team?
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09/20/18 10:42 PM
Any 91 teams playing in the Legacy tournment ?
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09/20/18 07:10 PM
Queen Anne’s County (MD) 2019 Mid Thomas Murray of Maryland Xtreme Lacrosse has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Lynn University.

High School: Queen Anne's County (Queenstown, MD)
Grad Year: 2019
Position: Midfield
College Committed To: Lynn University
Club Team: Maryland Xtreme Lacrosse
Lacrosse Honors: King of the Hill All Stars
Academic Honors: MPSSAA Minds in Motion Award Recipient.
Expected Major: Business
Why did you choose Lynn University, Men's D2? "Lynn lacrosse is an up and coming program and the school seemed right for me. "
Is there anything else you would like to share? "to my parents and Coach Mattoon, Coach Benson, and Coach Yohn at MDX."
What other colleges did you consider? "McDaniel"
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09/20/18 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous

I am more proud of my kid because I know she is ranked higher than your kid and I guarantee she got a bigger scholorship than yours . Is what it is .

Got to love the NY parents. I forgot how much fun it is to come on your forums and read your chest poundings. I sure hope your daughter isn’t a gem like yourself.
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09/20/18 02:34 PM
North Penn High School (PA) 2019 Mid, LSM Stephen Rinck of Phillie Elite has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Siena College.

High School: North Penn High School (Lansdale, PA)
Grad Year: 2019
Positions: Midfield, LSM
College Committed To: Siena College
Club Team: Phillie Elite
Lacrosse Honors: Honorable Mention and the Philly Lacrosse Invitational (Fall 2017) -Standout at the Adrenaline Fall Tournament (2016)
Academic Honors: -Honor roll throughout Middle school and High School -Mission trip to Dominican Republic this past summer
Why did you choose Siena College, Men's D1?
"I chose Siena because the moment I stepped on campus it felt like home. The coaching staff and the players were very welcoming and that’s something I looked for. The staff is new & I believe they will put the team in the right direction for years to come. This past lacrosse season I broke my ankle, so I couldn’t play summer ball, but the coaching staff still believed in me & that meant a lot. Couldn’t be more pumped to be a saint. "
Is there anything else you would like to share?
"This past year was rough on and off the field, so to everyone who stuck with me, I can’t thank you enough. Shoutout to all the coaches and trainers that have shaped me into the player and person I am today, without them this wouldn’t be possible. Special shoutout goes to my parents. Without them, I really wouldn’t know what to do. They have put up with my antics so many times, but continue to always be in my corner. Another thank you to the Siena coaching staff for believing in me, words cannot express how grateful I am to be apart of this program"
What other colleges did you consider?
"Robert Morris, Binghamton, Cabrini, Delval and others
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09/20/18 04:12 AM
Roy C Ketcham Senior High School (NY) 2019 Att, Mid Tori Henn of Top Side Snipers Lacrosse has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at SUNY at Purchase College.

High School: Roy C Ketcham Senior High School (Wappingers Falls, NY)
Grad Year: 2019
Positions: Attack, Midfield
College Committed To: SUNY at Purchase College
Club Team: Top Side Snipers Lacrosse
Lacrosse Honors: 2017 & 2018 Brine High School All-American
Expected Major: Psychology
Why did you choose SUNY at Purchase College, Women's D3?
"Close to home. campus is perfect. people are friendly "
Is there anything else you would like to share?
"Thanks to my parents, Coach Levine "
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09/20/18 01:30 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Now that practice has started why is there still big secret about tution cost not posted on websites , everyone forgot a month ago complaining with all the ridiculous prices. Anyone have a list of prices for clubs ? Make it public don’t let them increase it again another $500 next year. I bet suckers will pay again next year !!

What’s your angle here? You’ve posted this on every age board. Guessing a owner of a weak club desperate for numbers.
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09/19/18 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Naptown lacrosse folded. Hope the parents get $$$ back.

What years did they have? Anybody hear if other teams will absorb them?
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09/19/18 09:31 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Where is the best place to find list of all the 2019 D2 college Verbals?? Looking to compare what school has what to help son pick the best school.

The commitment center on the BOTC is the only listing of D2 commits Im aware of

Just be careful the D1 listing is 75% at best. Havnt really checked the d2 list

Some boys got decommitted, some boys change schools, others are at the wrong position and I am sure we all know a few not listed. You best bet if your a 2019 is straight up asking the coach how many they have recruited in the class at that position.
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09/19/18 09:20 PM
I have been waiting weeks for my stick to be ready....
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