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Re: MD Girls 2028 Anonymous 19 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Looks like all M&D teams except 31 have dropped in rankings compared to others. A few years back most were top 3 in all age groups. Now 25-28 have all taken a drop. Heros is top 3 in most age groups now!

Few years back? First, it is still a little early this year... as for last year all their teams finished in the top 4 last year by end of summer last season. 1,2,4,3,4,2 (24's thru 29s). The finished as the number 2 club overall in the rankings a mere .05 points behind YJ.

I wouldn't base anything off the fall. Not enough common opponents. Is 28 black struggling, sure one could make that argument. But I wouldn't hang my hat on fall/early spring rankings. So far this year the 31s,30s and 29s all beat Heros in the NGLL regular season. Only the 28s did not.

This conversation is had every fall/early spring and by end of season rankings M&D finishes near the top of every age group. Additionally, as for the High School teams, it is all about recruiting and no one can argue M&D's success in that area. Look at the '25 M&D team and tell me that isn't consider success regardless if they went from 2nd to 3rd in the rankings.

Heros is a fantastic program and deserves all the respect. With that said, suggesting M&D as a club is on the decline because of 28 blacks struggles is a stretch at best. Just be happy your in the best region for lacrosse and your DD will get insane exposure in two years when it matters.

No overall downfall, but the 28 team is regressing, not progressing. They have added talent but aren't getting better.

Looking at their NGLL scores, why are the only scoring 5-6 goals a game against the better teams?

1 main factor and it's easy to see and figure out.
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Re: Girls High School Anonymous 24 minutes ago
As a parent with a player on this team what you have written is far from what she is experiencing. The team is senior heavy and there were high expectations that were not met but that is not all on the coaches. My player has felt valued and challenged and has continually mentioned that she is learning a lot. Spitting out venomous perceptions is not good for anyone. These are people with families that give up their time to coach (pay is nothing) and don't deserve to be slandered by anonymous posters on a forum that should be used to celebrate the accomplishments of our girls.
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Re: Westchester NY Youth Lacrosse Anonymous 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Wednesday’s Marquee:

Garden City at Pleasantville: Most likely GC
Mamaroneck at Lakeland/Panas: Mamo
Pelham at Somers: Somers, by 5
Cold Spring Harbor at Yorktown: CSH, by 6

The rest

Haldane at Rye Neck: H by 8
Yonkers at Keio: K
Bronxville at Albertus Magnus: Brnxv, by a lot
Irvington at Edgemont: Irv
Pawling at Dobbs Ferry Dobbs
North Rockland at White Plains S/B WP
Eastchester at Rye: Rye, why are the playing each other?
Putnam Valley at Sleepy Hollow: Should be PV
Harrison at Ossining Should be O
Arlington at Brewster Arlington
Cardinal Hayes at Hen Hud: Should be HH
North Salem at Briarcliff: Briar
Greeley at Fox Lane: Greeley
Clarkstown North at Wappinger Should be Wapp
Pearl River at Tappan Zee TZ

CSH not as good as people think they are. i wld be surprised at all if Yorktown beats them.
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Re: Boys High School Anonymous 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Looks like Severn and Stm won't be playing today. SMH.

Lockdown was lifted!!!!
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Re: Main Forum Philadelphia & Vicinity Anonymous 1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
1) LaSalle
2)Downingtown East
3) Marple
4) Springfield
5) Garnet Valley
6) St. Joes
8) Manheim Twp
9) Bishop Shanahan
10) CB East/Pennridge (tie)

Has anyone checked D East's schedule? They beat Ridley by 1 goal and Coatesville by 2...
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Re: Boys 2029 Grads - Mid Atlantic Region Anonymous 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
This weeks game summary.- Please do not respond with off topic banter. Add any information that could be interesting to the converation.

Things noticed this week. There were more surprises than normal. Most games are closer than expected. The violations continue with offsides and shot clocks. Teams are still relying on hero ball. Team play and unity enhances performance. Teams that can balance organized play schemes with inventive lacrosse IQ will standout and win. The top five teams are the closest they have ever been. The bottom three teams are starting to show glimmers of hope and are improving.


Predators v FCA
Not sure what to make from this game being that I watched it closely. First it was a rise and shine special. Did this play into the game? I am first surprised by the 6-3 score. FCA seemed like they came to play with more of their injured players back on the field. The game was not exciting nor pretty. It was one with many ground balls missed and passes dropped. From the start, FCA was pushing the ball to the offense and increasing the numbers of shots on goals. Some on target, many in the goalie’s stick, and many off target. The team moved the ball a little better than previous games with involvement from other players. Preds struggled on offense with many loss of possessions due to defense and simple stick skills like ground balls, bad passes, and dropped balls. If Preds was on point with these skills, it would be a completely different game. FCA won most of the ground ball battles on their defensive end. The midfield play was average for both teams with balls being thrown away for each team. Turnovers was the name of this game. FCA got little better with the shot clock with (I think) one violation. However, where they made up in another area, they replaced it with players being offsides. I think it was +3.. This has to be addressed in order to improve in transition and game speed. Defensively Preds was playing to the best of their ability, using their size to make up for speed, ball movement, and off ball cutters. This might have been Preds best defensive game. Including this game and the last, the goal differential was an average of 4 goals against (FCA and TC). FCA’s defense continues to struggle. I understand they have some defenseman out that would make a difference. With that being said, the defense seemed lost at times and inconsistent. There doesn’t seem to be a sense of leadership on the defensive end, unlike the offense where it is clear who runs it. FCA limited the on field frustration. Hopefully this win was a stepping to stone to better and more decisive wins. Preds came to play. LITTLE by LITTLE they get better each week. Will they win a game this year? I am not sure, however they are improving at bigger steps than other bottom teams in previous years. Next week, FCA takes on Madlax and Preds take on Legends. Is FCA prepared to take on the speed and precision of Madlax? Will Preds make the legends game closer than expected? Who will know. Legends and Preds play at U.S. Lacrosse field which makes for a unique and exciting experience for players, coaches, and families.

TC v Hawks -
Didn’t catch this game. What happened? The score sparks curiosity. 12-7 TC? My questions are primarily with Hawks. Have most teams figured them out? They run a very specific offense. Very mythical and calculated. To their credit they have been known to be very technical. Has this been a thorn this year? Their goal production seems to be ok however their goals against are higher than what you would expect for a team of this caliber (Please no Goalie comments). TC’s goal production is 3rd lowest in the league but yet they seem to win games with low goals against. I really thought this game would be closer. Would love some game review.

Madlax v Legends
Game of the weekend! Legends over Madlax in overtime. This game was a battle of wills. It wasn’t a perfect game by any means. It was close from beginning to end. Madlax started and established the tempo of the game with some quick goals, catching the legends on their heels. Legends was quick to respond with their own goals. Legends has continuously had a strong and aggressive defense. The leadership is apparent with players and coaches communicating with each other and holding themselves accountable. Legends did struggle in the clearing game with multiple turnovers happening in the middle of the field allowing Madlax to stay in the game. Midfield play at this level is a game changer for any team. Madlax’s defense played hard and was tough, their slides were good and it was apparent that they knew where to be. Offensively, Legends was moving the ball well however, some dropped ball or poor passes caused turnovers in favor of the other team. On offense, Madlax took good shots, however it became predictable as to where the majority of the shots where coming from and from who. While their passing was consistent around the crease so was the 15 yard shot down the alley. Luckily Madlax has good shooters. Both Madlax and Legends have some simple errors to resolve like precise passing, ground balls, and transitions. Shot clock management was ok with Madlax getting called more times than expected. What was apparent was that box coaching caused for some key turnovers for Madlax. This caused confusion among players. Coaching was good on both sides of the field, however each team had different approaches to handling the pressure. In the end I think Legends should have won by more goals. The game should have ended in regular time. The gap between these two teams had gotten really small. Next week, Madlax will play FCA. If Madlax controls the midfield and limits basic mistakes they will dominate the game. Legends and Preds may turn into a closer game then expected if Legends slips on fundamental stick skills. If Legends controls the pace and tempo of the game and plays all 4 quarters equally it will be a win.

Team 91 v Next Level
Watched the first quarter and the game started out as planned. Next level dominated through out. Other than the Legends game, Team 91 seems to have trouble scoring goals. The question is are they getting better every week?

Hawks v. Team 91 - Hawks +8
Legends v. Preds - Legends +5
Madlax v. FCA - Madlax +5
True Chesapeake v. Next Level +2


Hawks v. HoCo
Another upset with HOCO winning 10-9. I would call it an upset. Especially when the Botton team gets a win like that.

Shore Kaos v. Carroll Manor
Shore Kaos pulled it. They have the ability to score goals but are equally tied with Carroll Manor.

Prostart v. Team MD
Well Team Maryland pulled of the spoiler with a large win. There ability to score goals helped them in the end. Hopefully in the future they can limit them to help along the way.

True NOVA - Bethesda Blue -
Nova won 11- 9 . They continue to score many goals which has kept them at the top. The gap between nova and everyone else is getting bigger but he week. If NOVA does this consistently they win it all.

Team Maryland v. Bethesda Blue - Team Maryland +1
Hawks v. NOVA - NOVA +9
Carroll Manor v. HOCO - Carroll Manor +3 - Upset of the week with HOCO winning.
Prostart v. Shore Kaos - Shore Kaos +1

Great write up! Thanks for posting. I would add that because some teams haven't played 4 games and some teams have you have to divide by the number of games to see the real GD, GF, and GA

Top 3 for Goal Differential (GD) per game:

1. True Chesapeake - +4
2. Madlax +4
3. Next Level +3.8

Top 3 for Goals For (GF) per game:
1. Madlax = 10
2. Next Level = 10
3. True Chesapeake = 9.3

Top 3 for Goals Allowed (GA) per game:
1. True Chesapeake = 5.3
2. Hawks = 5.8
3. Madlax = 6
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Re: Boys High School Lax Anonymous 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
And you think that CoachC doesn't manipulate the Catholic HS Rosters? What would you prefer, Daddy ball and direct parent interference at the publics or club coach interference for the parents at the Catholics? It's all corrupt.

Speaking the's a dirty business, from top to bottom. With one guy behind all the strings. Did deep and connect the dots - it's sad.
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Re: Boys 2028 Grads - Mid Atlantic Region Anonymous 2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
DCE gets killed by FCA. I would take FCA -4. DCE is allowing 9 goals per game including allowing 5 points by team 91 (possibly the worst offense in the division). Additionaly, both teams played the Hawks FCA allowed only 6 goals whereas DCE allowed 11. In 8th grade lacrosse you score what the other team let’s you score and DCE let’s the other team score a lot.

NL narrowly beats ML. ML is the exception that proves the rule great defense but underpowered offense. This game will produce a soccer score of 3-2 (possibly in double overtime) I would not bet this game.

The other games are pretty much a lock with the top of the division playing the bottom dwellers. However, the games will be much closer than expected as I think both the Crabs and Hawks will give significant field time to their bench players.

Ultimately I don’t think any of this matters as the Hawks have a mortal lock on the championship (but let’s hope I’m wrong) End of the season prediction:

2. Crabs
3. FCA
4. NL
5. ML
7.Team 91
8. Team Money

Monday recap: I was basically on point last week. DCE crushed by FCA. NL squeaked by ML with a 4Q goal. I will deduct some points on the basis that I blew the o/u on the ML vNL game. (I’d love to see some analysis on how two teams who have struggled to put points on the board all season was able to put together a 13 goal game)

I believe my analysis of DCE was validated- terrible defense. I’m interested in what the team is going to do about it in the summer- I assume a reshuffle between the orange and black team. Whatever they do they will have to make major changes as you can’t go to top tournaments with that.

As for the totally predictable results from the other games. You have to wonder if there aren’t better teams in the AAA division.

End of the season prediction (unchanged):

2. Crabs
3. FCA
4. NL
5. ML
7.Team 91
8. Team Money

Keep up the Monday recap!

Do you think Madlax will actually play both games next week?
How close will FCA and Team 91 be?
Do you know if DCE Orange would have defenders?

Excellent questions. Answers:

Do you think Madlax will actually play both games next week? No way. smoke and mirrors (ie, fly ins) only works when you win games.
How close will FCA and Team 91 be? not close enough to be in doubt, but closer than you think. 91 has good goaltending, and according to this board, ran a zone defense against the Hawks which helps keep games from becoming blowouts.
Do you know if DCE Orange would have defenders?[/quote] Of course they have defenders (and FO and goalies) and I assume there will be an influx of new players at all positions trying out for DCE Black from both the inside and the outside for summer tournaments and of course summer tryouts. There are only two serious local programs in the 2028 class (NL and DCE) and I expect everyone with college aspirations will want to be on one or the other for high school.
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Re: Girls 2030-6th Grade Fall 2023/Summer 2024 Anonymous 2 hours ago
It’s funny how one person talks to himself on here lol….
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Re: Boys 2032 Grads - Mid-Atlantic Region Anonymous 3 hours ago
Have you seen the middie on Clippers, #1?
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Re: New 2024 Women’s DI-III Lacrosse Anonymous 3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Can we talk ACL injuries.....How many players are out per team, what's causing it and when are changes going to be made? How are these injuries fair to our girls? What happened to the alleged lawsuit against Syracuse due to all of their injuries? Why is this acceptable as part of the game?
What lawsuit? Also, unfortunately there are players that are just susceptible to this kind of injury no matter what precautions they make take. What kind of changes are you suggesting? Also, is there a team that has al ot this season?

Last year there was talk about players bringing up a lawsuit against Syracuse because of injuries…As for ACL - WHEN DID WE NORMALIZE THIS INJURY AS PART OF THE GAME? There are 3 on my team only. Who’s looking at statistics on this? I don’t know how about knee bands? Unfortunately there are player’s susceptible is not acceptable….it should be addressed because injury prevention is not working
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Re: Boys 2031-5th Grade Fall 2023/Summer 2024 Anonymous 5 hours ago
Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.
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Re: Boys 2032-4th Grade Fall 2023/Summer 2024 Anonymous 6 hours ago
All it takes is 1-2 to change a team. Igloo fired coach working hard to become part of 91.
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Re: Girls 2029 Grads - Mid Atlantic Region Anonymous 6 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Next level won’t make that list this year

Not at all…
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Re: Boys 2030-6th Grade Fall 2023/Summer 2024 Anonymous 10 hours ago
Exactly what LI needs, another average lacrosse team
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Re: Boys 2028-8th Grade Fall 2023/Summer 2024 Anonymous 11 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Who is team 91 Fusion?

Never heard of them.
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Re: Boys 2030 Midatlantic Anonymous Yesterday at 06:58 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Sad when the only victories you achieve are moral ones…
Keep trying, Hawks!

What moral victory have they won?

Cool shiny helmets!!
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Re: Girls 2029-7th Grade Fall 2023/Summer 2024 Anonymous Yesterday at 01:29 PM
Anyone go to media night at susa yesterday? We were in and out in 20 minutes. Expected it to be much longer.
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Island Trees boys lacrosse's Kian McCoy scores five goals in win over Hewlett TheBackOfTheCage
You can’t blink when you’re defending Kian McCoy. However, since it’s impossible to stare for all 48 minutes of game time, all opponents can hope to do is contain him.

The senior was a blur Friday afternoon for host Island Trees, tallying five goals and an assist in an 11-7 win over Hewlett in Nassau Conference C/D.

Coming off an 9-8 overtime loss on Tuesday against Bethpage, Island Trees found itself trailing by one against Hewlett in the second quarter after initially leading 3-0.

“It’s kind of like boxers; they get clipped a couple times and they started throwing haymakers all over the place,” Island Trees coach Brendan Keesee said. “You have to stick to the game plan.”

Sure enough, Island Trees responded with five unanswered goals. Senior attack JC Echezuria (two goals, three assists) displayed incredible vision with a nifty behind-the-back pass off of a give-and-go with McCoy for Island Trees’ sixth goal.

Keesee supported Echezuria's flair, adding that “it’s one more weapon to have in the toolbox.”

“If I see the field and I see gaps, I trust my teammates to find me open,” McCoy added.

Hewlett (7-3) did not score again until the final two minutes, tallying three goals. Cristopher Maiorano (three goals, two assists) accounted for two of them.

Island Trees' long-stick midfielder Joe Mainente forced seven turnovers, had six ground balls and also tallied a goal and three assists. Fellow midfielder Joe Filocamo provided a similar two-way toughness, adding three assists in the win.

“Coming after a tough loss a few days ago, it’s just great to see everyone bond together, itching to get a [win],” Mainente said.

Mainente also went 4-for-9 on faceoffs against Hewlett's points leader Luke Rochler, who went 18-for-22 faceoffs. Luke Forde usually holds that role for Island Trees, but he hasn’t played since April 5 due to injury. Keesee said having a long pole like Mainente on faceoffs allows for a quick defensive transition if he misses the early clamp.

Island Trees (5-4) has been through a gauntlet. Three of its losses came by just one score, with two coming in overtime. But Friday’s win was an important reminder of just how good this team can be when the ball bounces the right way.

“We grew up together, playing this sport together,” McCoy said. “It starts to show when it really matters.”

By Michael Sicoli

Sponsored by
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Re: Girl's 2027 Grades - Mid Atlantic Region Anonymous
I think it’s what the girls make of it. Those that are playing JV rather than riding the V bench are getting plenty of PT. Those riding the Varsity bench are getting to practice with older girls and still develop. Those playing Varsity are getting to best of both. My daughter is loving her Freshman year and says plenty of her Club teammates are having just as amazing season with many different schools. She is excited for Summer Club but definitely sad to see her first of four HS years come to an end shortly. Sorry to hear not all are having the good experiences others are having this year. I can personally attest all of my daughter’s teammates have been great as have the other parents & coaches on both JV and Varsity.
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Re: Boys 2031 Grads - Mid Atlantic Region Anonymous
He was wearing my Harvard tie. Can you believe it? MY Harvard tie. Like oh, sure, HE went to Harvard.
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Re: Boys 2025-11th Grade Fall 2023/Summer 2024 Anonymous
Seen some d2 commitments lately. I assume more will come as the college season comes to an end?
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Re: Girls High School Lax Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
GC on its way down. When parents take their kids out of their town youth/travel
Programs it doesn’t bode well for the future varsity programs.
How many Tradition players are now playing for other clubs?

Wantagh had GC on the ropes for 3 quarters (5-4 to start the 4th) but got outscored 4-1 in the 4thquarter. The wantagh goalie kept them in the game.
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Re: Boys 2029-7th Grade Fall 2023/Summer 2024 Anonymous
Moe, Larry and Curly!
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Re: New to LI travel lax Looking For Advice Anonymous
Forget lacrosse and buy your kid a dirt bike!
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