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Girls 2025-6th Grade Fall 2018/Summer 2019
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23 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Merging FLG and Outlaws would be a great idea.

The clash of parents would be epic....tats vs. totes
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37 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous

Just remember this article only showed the emails from Madlax back to this guy. They left off the emails he sent to the Madlax owner. Its not a good look for sure but this story is not the full story. I will leave it at that. This kid went on and got a D1 spot so no one was harmed by these nasty emails to a donk dad.

Wow..2013 ??? And still news.

So how did the game come out against VLC ?? It looked like there were to be some paybacks according to email.

Nothing happened the kid and the other kids went on to all do great things and are playing in college. The emails are a very bad look but this is a very dead horse. Everyone has emails or fights they would love to take back. But CM will never be allowed to not hear about this. 2013 not 2018. He has growing kids now he only had babies 5 years ago. We all change and we all make mistakes. But god would you want to have to hear about a mistake you had 5 years ago? Heck you guys act like he punched him in the face. He did not!

Dear Madlax Apologist,

We get that you are tilting at windmills. At least there are lot fewer of you now. The emails are not dead because he continues to act like a donk on and off the field. That is his character. You say that everyone has emails they would like to take back. Please produce emails from other clubs that exhibit similar ridiculous behavior. Who would even think of writing emails like that, let alone sending them?

Hello Madlax hater for life,
We understand you do not like CM or Madlax for your reasons. But your lifelong goal of publicly bashing this lacrosse club is just or more passionate then my love for this program. Every company that has been around 20 years will have a bad or bad days. But you can find a 3 to 1 ratio of people who are or were more then happy with their time at Madlax. I am guessing you have stock in VLC or BW if this is the case I guess I understand your passion to bash Madlax if not please move on to better thing to bash on line. ( Like the Orange President)

1. You are very odd

2. Threatening one's own clients is not a "bad day". Can you name one business that threatens the clients who give that company the money to operate? And we're not even talking about the childish manner in which it operates.

3. Where do you get a 3:1 ratio of satisfied vs unsatisfied clients?

4. My son never played for Madlax but I have no "stock" in any other club

5. You pay money for your son to play for this maniac. You look the other way as long as it's not you. That says a lot about your character than mine.
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1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous

The head daddy G coaches his kids team now.

News to me. The 23s are coached by the guy from New York and the guy with a pony tail.

Sure they are... Who coached the 23s at the last tournament?

Pony tail. The New York guy was sick and didn't make it. G was there as well, but was also on the sidelines when the 24s played.

"G was there as well" Ha! G is on the sideline more often then the guy from ny and little G never leaves the field.

Apparently you're not a 23 Duke's parent or you would know better
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1 hour ago
Well..... all nonsense dads want to know which team has the hottest moms. In reality that's all that matters.
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1 hour ago
No, it sounds like the 2026 Cannons just went to a 26/27 team to get a full roster.
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1 hour ago

Nice try, pack hater, posing as a pack parent. There aren’t any pack parents that post juvenile posts like that. Only Madlax juvenile delinquents, and you, of course. Very lame attempt to stir the pot, Jealous hater.

[/quote] I was a fan, I believe no will beat them. do not understand how that is jealous or hating on a team. You have some real issues guy. you must be the parent all the 91 people talk about. with a parent like you , its a wonder people hate on your team. Good luck to the rest of the team.
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1 hour ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Rumor has it he's going to coach Preds 2024

He's not going there. He's made a promise to start and play his Primetime kids on the Box teams to favor his allegence to Primetime.
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4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Too bad JS didn’t coach U19.
He really knows talent!

These coaches made a mockery of the process!

Would have been even worse he has already made a joke of the US team selections.
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4 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Frosh tryouts are usually around 90-100. Take 48
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Anyone know when are freshmen tryouts?

There was a meeting a few weeks back.....did your son miss it?

What’s the numbers looking? Around 100 for freshman class?

Do you think they will make 2 teams out of that 50 kids???

No.....they have not in the past.
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5 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by NJ_Laxer
Originally Posted by Anonymous
What about SJ Shamrocks, not select? They have both a boys and girls program. Where would you rank them for each of their programs?

SJ Shamrocks were just added to the Lax Fed so there boys teams def. deserve to be in the conversation of a top tier club.

Lax Fed? Have you seen the clubs in Lax Fed? I think the opposite is true

Trying to make a generalized statement about NJ boys/girls clubs is ridiculous. STEPS definitely has the reputation on the girls side, but in no way does STEPS, Shamrocks, Patriot, etc. carry much weight on the boys side. When you look at who is playing in the upper tier boys national tournaments with success, you are mostly down to BBL, Leading Edge and Tri-State and perhaps Blue Star. Yes, there are other very good programs like Tribal, Patriot, Riot, NJLC etc., but they do not have the same level of prominence.
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17 hours ago
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
When you are 16 in the 9th grade and playing against kids who haven’t even gone through puberty the advantage is HUGE. Look at the early recruits in the 2020 class from Baltimore area - the bulk of them were reclassed or pre-first or both. Last summer’s UA tournament had 18s who graduated playing as 19s because they were doing a PG year. In what other sport is gaming the system such commonplace?

Hmm. Let's see. Basketball, Football, Soccer,.....
Hilarious.. Soccer is very strict about age in classifying at single year with actual cards verifying age. ALL elite programs are like this including ALL professional team farm systems, They have do the best at keeping players going against players within an age bracket. Largest sport in world

Football has the occasional holdback to get bigger but many elite athletes are on age, Go look at any recruiting sheet on top football players ( if you have access) ALL put age on the sheet. Limited over age players. Lacrosse all put grade. LOL

Basketball?? BB did the grade thing for short while and it was a disaster. AAU is by age except in certain places. You think it is bad here ..BB went nuts with holdbacks and dialed it back to age.

Football has a ridiculous number of holdbacks. The percentage at top private schools for football is at least equal to lacrosse. Basketball has many as well. No clue about soccer but you saying football has limited holdbacks calls into question anything else you say.

Agreed. The best QB in the area is a 2021 at Gonzaga. He's too old to finish school there.

You are way to centric to Maryland/DC Private schools while talking about Football, .. Go to Texas, FL, CA and other states, Once you get out of your little world of Private schools the majority of Football players ( of course not all ) are on age athletes. True athletes dont need a extra year to be competitive in HS, do some hold back, of course,,,but not the majority of top players in High school . Sorry to burst your little private school bubble, You might want to question your question. LOL

Well the majority of lacrosse players are on age too. So not sure what your point is. I know from the dummies on this site that it may seem like every kid at BL, McD, CHC, Gilman, etc are a year or two older, it's just not the case.

We are talking about top players in MD. As a percentage of top lacrosse players.... MD and its world of private schools are over the top with holdbacks, not even close to any other state besides pockets of NE Private school areas.

As far as every other child at these schools ?? Probably not, but the smaller ones with grades 1-12 are loaded such as McD and BL, CHC student body doesn't have as many as it is only 9-12.

Look at youth lacrosse. Majority of holdbacks are either in private or going after being held back. Years ago even in McD, BL, etc there were only so many holdbacks. You can claim and spin any way you want, but there has been an explosion in holdbacks/prefirst/reclass in last 5 -10 years and it is clear to see.
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18 hours ago
Eagle High School (ID) 2020 Def, Mid Shannon Troy of True Lacrosse has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Lindenwood University.

High School: Eagle High School (Eagle, ID)
Grad Year: 2020
Positions: Defense, Midfield
College Committed to: Lindenwood University
Club Team: True Lacrosse, Utah-Idaho National Team
Lacrosse Honors: 2018 All-Star Team Only Freshman on Varsity (2017)
Academic Honors: National Honors Society
Expected Major: Social Sciences
Why did you choose Lindenwood University, Women's D2? "On my college search I really wanted to find a college with not only a passion for lacrosse but a sense of community. Lindenwood is exactly that. From the moment I met the team, they welcomed me and made me feel included. I also really appreciate how the coaches not only believe in performing our very best on the field, but in the classroom as well. And to top all that off, the campus is beautiful. Lindenwood University is the perfect fit for me."
Is there anything else you would like to share? "I would like to thank my high school coach Brett Packard. She has always pushed me to do my best and is not only a great coach but a great support system that I have in my life. I would also like to thank Lauren Schmidt for helping and guiding me through my recruitment process. And lastly my parents, I would like to thank them for tagging along on all my lacrosse trips and being my biggest cheerleaders. "
What other colleges did you consider? "Embry-Riddle University, Lynchburg University, & Colorado Mesa University"

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Tom Michaelsen
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18 hours ago
Calvert Hall always the bridesmaid never the bride.

2018: Flyers 8 – Calvert Hall 6 / Session II: Mountain Lakes 6 – Haverford 3 / JV Session: Lincoln Sudbury 10 – Ridgewood 3
2017: McDonogh 9 – Calvert Hall 5 / Session II: Haverford 9 – Salisbury 7
2016: Flyers 8 – St. Paul’s 3 / Session II: Haverford 10 – New Canaan 7
2015: McDonogh 8 – Calvert Hall 4
2014: McDonogh 10 – Ward Melville 6
2013: Georgetown Prep 9 – Boys’ Latin 4
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Yesterday at 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
The reason our express team doesn't play Box is that there is no money in it for Chan Tournaments are expensive because rink time and rosters have to be smaller so the BIG roster approach doesn't fly.
Truth is with our top two teams we could field 5 teams at the age group. Tempted to play box elsewhere as my son is intrigued by it and seems like fast fun

Facts !!

There are many boys on our team that would like to be playing it's unfortunate that Chan operates this way. May check out FLG

There is no way this came from someone on Chan's team.
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Yesterday at 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
So true but is is all driven by clubs and college coaches and will never change
Have you even been watching what has been going on with lacrosse. They just got recognized lacrosse for the Olympics, there is a new Professional lacrosse league starting up. All good things for the sport. So you may want to rethink what you are saying. They are really making a push for the sport.[/quote]

Some select group of today's 8th graders will benefit themselves/their families from the "investment" in one or more ways:

- Get into a better high school and/or college and thus, possibly, improve their future earnings potential
- Get money from said college (note that pretty much no kids get full rides for lax)
- Eventually play professionally (and make almost no money unless you are one of a handful of superstar players)

Each of those outcomes is progressively less likely. The monetary value of those possible outcomes is, on average, nowhere close to the amount of money parents spend on club membership, clinics, camps, equipment and travel. Lacrosse, like every youth sport, is a money lost for parents. It is probably worse than most other sports.

If your kid enjoys the game, and you enjoy watching them compete, than pursue it. If you think that you are making an "investment", you should probably just buy a lottery ticket instead - better return. smile
927 76,770 more...
Yesterday at 01:44 PM
Sorry..been around travel lax for years with daughter..she was at Liberty too...but cannot believe that a parent wrote the above glowing Liberty parent gushes that way so I am going to call BS on the above and attribute the love-fest to a Liberty insider.....
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Yesterday at 05:03 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Thanks for the info about the yellow jackets tuition. You gave me more information than 10 emails to the yellow jackets. I have two older boys in travel lax and this is my first foray into the girls programs. With boys it’s usually pay one price.....fall, indoor, spring, tournaments. For yellow jackets being such an “elite program” I can’t seem to get any information from them

CR only concerned with cashing checks

So what other programs are people happy with out there ?

We're very happy with Legacy. I have two kids there. Everything is clearly spelled out. The director is very concerned about developing kids.

That's all that matters
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Yesterday at 04:57 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
There are 5 kids on the 91A team and 4 on the 91 AA team. I was one of the guys who started the Hammerheads. We did it at the end of our 91 season last year cause we wanted to keep playing. So we added a few friends and had a blast! We had to replace a few players cause they could not make it or because we were playing against them. And our new kids played amazing! That’s it!
2 great games against 91! Matched up well!
Very proud of both teams!!!!
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Yesterday at 04:49 AM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Up until 11th grade a year makes a very big difference. Are you unaware of the biological transformation ones body goes through in the pubescent years or do you just choose to ignore it to make yourself believe that your son is really better and not just bigger and more developed at a certain point because he is older? Enjoy the advantage while it lasts. Goes from center on the hoop team in jr high to back up pg by the time he's a sr. History repeats itself over and over...

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Yesterday at 12:00 AM
Parsippany High School (NJ) 2019 Mid, Att Patrick Lanigan of Jersey Thunder Lacrosse has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at the University of Hartford.

High School: Parsippany High School (Parsippany, NJ)
Grad Year: 2019
Positions: Midfield, Attack
College Committed to: University of Hartford
Club Team: Jersey Thunder Lacrosse
Lacrosse Honors: 3x Maverik All- American, 2x All Tournament Team, Beast of the East Showcase All-Star, 3x All-Conference, 3x All-League
Academic Honors: 2018 All-Academic Team
Expected Major: Communication Technology
Why did you choose University of Hartford, Men's D1? "Hartford has a great communications program. The coaching staff was very welcoming when I arrived on campus and the school is the perfect size for me."
Is there anything else you would like to share? "Coaches, Parents, Friends for their continued support"
What other colleges did you consider? "St. John Fisher, University of Mount Olive, Hartwick, Ursinus"

Contributed By
Tom Michaelsen
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12/07/18 09:13 PM
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Originally Posted by Anonymous
Anyone know when HoCo divisions will be set and disclosed?

Probably not until a few weeks prior. They are still taking registrations. There will not be much changing as this is the last season for this age group. Elite will be same, AA Breakers will move up ML Capital is out DC D takes over for Club Blue and will play Hawks in final after a complaint filled cheating ref game over Crabs with holdbacks. 91 gets first ever win over DCE. FCA and Looney's tie twice, and a few dozen post are made about kids driving themselves home from games. In addition, there will be a few more telling us we are notIntelligent for caring as in HS it does not matter.
That about sum it up for you?

One more Grasshopper. Two years from now you will be a wiser person. Enjoy the moment.
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12/07/18 01:26 AM
Corning PP High School (NY) 2020 Att Quinn Bowler of 3D Upstate and Gaffer Elite has made a verbal commitment to play lacrosse at Manhattan College.

High School: Corning PP High School (Corning, NY)
Grad Year: 2020
Position: Attack
College Committed to: Manhattan College
Club Teams: 3D Upstate &, Gaffer Elite
Lacrosse Honors: 2017 Brine National Lacrosse Classic All Star & 2018 NXT Philly Showcase Fab 40 All-Star
Academic Honors: Honor Roll and High Honor Roll. 2017 Corning Inc award for Outstanding Achievement in Biology. Spoke in front of New York State Legislature advocating for after school funding-2017.
Expected Major: Business
Why did you choose Manhattan College, Men's D1? "The Coaching staff made me feel like I was at home and the positive direction the program is heading. Manhattan offers great academics and that there are internship opportunities for future employment. The school is really making great improvements to the facilities and Gaelic Park is going to be an exciting place to play lacrosse!"
Is there anything else you would like to share? "Special thanks Specifically goes out to My Family and Friends, 3d Upstate, Gaffer Elite, Corning PP Youth Lacrosse, Coach Hogue, Dave Dobbins and all my Teammates."
What other colleges did you consider? "Wagner, Cleveland State, Merrimack, Robert Morris, St Bonaventure & Canisius"

Contributed By
Tom Michaelsen
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12/06/18 09:44 PM
This link tells you all you need to know about Madlax...
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12/06/18 02:28 PM
[quote=Anonymous]Sky walkers 3 starting mid fielders have some impressive speed this year. Watched them just out run girls for ground balls. There goalie is lights out for sure. Expect all the top teams to be competitive this year. Will be fun to watch.

We will see how competitive they are at Spooky Nook in January.
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12/05/18 11:38 PM
The top club in PA is Phantastix. Just look at their recruiting success. You choose a club to make your daughter a better player so she can compete in college. Look at all the Division 1 commits as compared to some of the other clubs in area.
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