What I don't get anymore is why coaches do not punish players who get something as simple as detention or give teachers flack. Life lesson. Players who miss a practice and Lets not forget those vacations that wind up in the middle or during the season. You go away you don't play. life lesson. Not all schools had their easter break and will have it during Passover. YOU DONT GO AWAY WITHOUT repercussions. YOU DONT GET IN TROUBLE WITHOUT repercussions.

You only learn by yes sitting out, don't kick them off the team, but ban them for a few games make them watch and run the [lacrosse] out of them, make them learn. They slip up or give any lip run'em. Make their teammates step up (they'd have to if they were kicked off anyway) and if the teammates step up maybe they loose their spot naturally spot is lost.

Hopefully if they are truly remorseful and learned something, they will stay and make the team stronger in the long run, if they want to just quit because they cant take it let them, let them show their true colors.

Maybe I am to old school but that is how you do it. It is not how you fall down but how you get up.