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Are you nuts thinking he is the best player coming out of that town in the last 30 years! That's just not knowing the history of wm.sorry your wrong

The post said 20 - 30 years. Can't think of many in the past 20 years and certainly not any in his generation the past 10 years. Did you know that Jim Brown is the best lacrosse player to ever come out of Manhasset? How far back do you have to go to even find one player from WM who would be considered an elite college player? By the way, I think there is a freshman at GT who will be an All American at some point.

Funny how a town that boasts about their "One Town team" also wants to boast about cutting a kid from the town (not sure if true). How ironic that the best player on their best team in the past 20 years is not even from the town. Surprised they didn't recruit Rob Pannell as well to come play for them. Who knows, maybe they did.