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"sour grapes"? You really need to demonstrate your ignorance. It is Div 3. you make your agreement with coaches in Oct, apply Dec 1st and hear Jan 15th? You think 2nd quarter grades after 9th 10th and 11th grades make a difference. You obviously know little about the recruitment process...........and that is coming from someone who has never had a kid apply to Haverford but as a Youth Lacrosse Coach have followed the process well. As a recruiter for my Div 1 school, the grades can drop since commitments go out 10th and 11th grade, even 9th now, but for div 3, 12 weeks of grades are not a factor. Learn what you are talking about.

Who said was talking about during senior year ? You are a youth coach and a d 1 recruiter ? ?? You an astronaut and a cowboy