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So what? Craig wants his players to learn the right way to play the game, not ME ME ME summer club lacrosse. What's wrong with that. There's also something to be said for building team chemistry by paying together as much as possible. Craig and WI (and WM) do it the right way. Club programs are ruining lacrosse.

Get a clue. Craig won when he had studs. Please explain "the right way". How is club lacrosse ruining the sport? [/quote]

Seems like the "Club Kids" as usual are dominating the "in house" crowd. WW beats WI. Just got email from PB at Outlaws. Seems like 12 kids on WW are on Outlaws. Perhaps being exposed to better competition, playing with better players and getting different coaching helped improve the WW program. Even after losing the most dominate face off kid ever. This is the point where all the Outlaw haters can try and refute the facts. The final four teams are all littered with "Club kids". Sorry, but that just a fact. [/quote]

entire club teams are committed and most before they play varsity these days. college coaches by the dozens lining the sidelines with clipboards in hand. its a rare day (except for a SA/Chammy playoff) where college coaches gather in any significant numbers to see a high school game. why would they when the cream of the crop is at the numerous major club tournaments every weekend of the summer? club teams ruining the sport? I think not. More likely the HS coach who demands his teams stay under his wing and not venture out to play the best the nation has to offer is the ruination of the HS aspect of the sport. Why not let the kids go to expand their skills among the best and rise to the level of play that demands?
Allowing them to do so would serve to bring higher level skills back to the fold at the HS which can then be absorbed by the kids who don't play club ball.