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Coaches know already...are you serious???

Ok seems like this is a response to the question about tryouts. So your saying coaches dont put much into tryouts and their decisions are already made?

I would think this is the case. You don't.

Assuming this comment was centered around Fresh & Soph you would think a new coach would have to see those Freshman vs those Sophomores against the Sr's and Jr's. Most notably in skill specific positions (F/O Goalie LSM Lefty Attack) but I think preseason takes care of that.

I also think it depends on a school, the top 5 or so schools per division east or West of 110 know who they have and who is coming in.

That said, any surprises of Freshman making Varsity over Soph (who will remain on JV) or any Fresh Sophs jumping the pecking order on the depth charts so far