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He may not be an authority on lacrosse by your standards but I am pretty sure he can count to 12

Are you insinuating that because WW had 12 kids that play for Outlaws is the reason they were successful. 1st things 1st did all 12 play on Varsity. What teams do the the 12 play on with Outlaws? If it's mostly the 2017 kids then we know that's the old Gladiators. As for having 12 kids play for WW I would say they should have a lot of kids since Huntington is their draw being the team is based out of the Huntington area. His emails are hysterical and so are his lacrosse credentials.

You realize that you're arguing with PB now, right? He's the only one that posts positive stuff about the Outlaws, including the other day when he mentioned how well the WW goalie played. PB pumping his own tires, anonymously of course.

Not PB but curious, I dotn follow you, you are all over the place.

*12 kids playing
*Outlaws is a Huntington base team
*17 are old gladiators.

Who cares, what does that have to do with anything. Where are they playing now. I would like to know are they getting to go play at the next level, and if so who helped that happen. If Outlaws then great. I say this because I know many kids who have been poached away from clubs and the new clubs get the credit for the kids successes especially if recruited. Just like a HS trying to take credit when it is all club. Talent is talent.

Talent rises to the top, who can help that talent to the next level. We know XCI can as well as Express, now if Outlaws can too great!