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So, what's the outlook for Manhasset and Syosset next year? I know Manhasset has their two best attack from this year coming back and only a couple of losses at middie. Defense I think loses two Senior starters but all else is in tact. Can they make a big run next year? Braves bringing back a lot?

Sets run will be determined by how well they run "the system". Which was a bit easier to crack than the secret formula for Coca Cola, When Horses>coaching=Good run, when "horses= or<coaching=early exit. When they win coaches take credit and talk up then"system", when they lose blame kids and club lax, unless of course the kids played for 32 and same coaches all summer as well, then blame early recruiting and the committed kids.

Please do not tell me that coaches are still carrying on about club lacrosse.

MANHASSET has No leadership for the team because the players don't respect the coach who cared about one thing: PROMOTING FAMILY AND FRIENDS ONLY and not about the rest of the hard working highly skilled players who HAVE PROVEN THEMSELVES. Even though this was well known and exhibited, the extreme nature is shocking. If you really need to promote only friends and family that badly mix them in!

Unless they are star players, they should not be playing every game 98%+ of the time with negligible production

they should not be receiving athletic awards with financial benefits

they should not be walking at practice while their teammates vomit

and they should not be missing practice for side jobs

The degree of hatred and disgust about Manhasset town, team and players is unbelievable. Supporters of this coach are far and few between but the posters here that are either him or supporters of him make it clear that they despise the town, the parents and the players. What does that say? Time to resign!

If the supporters of this coach/and the coach feel that the players are:

"self centered over hyped kids who have been told how wonderful they are their whole lives and during the meaningless summer circuit but have no real results to back it up"


"punched these over hyped little bullies in the mouth, they fell apart as quickly as I've ever seen"


" Oh well, at least they have their graduation gift beemers waiting for them in the school parking lot"





very compelling reading....i looked it up. 4 players with 250+ points...no other meaningful production. takes a team to win. Coach can't get it done with those boys? me thinks you need a new coach. wish our town had those 4 players

The great majority of those points against terrible competition. Those 4 came up small in the biggest moments in the toughest games against Darien, CSH and GC twice. Coach can't win without the kids producing in the biggest spots.