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no dog in the fight, but WM defense seems too tough for anyone to deny that team. i would be surprised if they dont win it all, again not a WM parent

Ward Melville has changed and improved dramatically throughout the season and they are playing very well right now. Not sure if they had players come back from injuries or just switched up some of the players. In any event they are a very different team than the one that lost to Connetquat, Smithtown West and West Ialip during the year.

Full disclosure, I am biased as mine plays for WM. They are definitely playing at a different level than they did on a cold day in April against Quot and WI. SMW game was just a total fluke as I cant even remember a lax game ever with a score of 3-1.

The biggest difference is that the offensive shots are on cage a much higher percentage of the time.

If our keeper plays to the same level and our FO guys go better than 50%, WM by three... But, Victor apparently has their fair share of studs at multiple positions including keeper and FO.

time will tell, should be fun in any event...

Today, WM just looks strong and confident.