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As well the kid tied for 2nd in Suffolk for point has a horrible goal to Assit ratio, but I just looked up where his high point production were (I mean goals were) all in games the team needed it. Then I found out many of his goals were of the "One More" variety. So the player with the assist is top of the county in assists. Which means there is a middie or two out there with less assists (wonder if they are hockey players). See the numbers don't always tell the true picture.

Now the leader, he is just a beast and I wish him continued success closing out the season (I will say the goal leader does have another game over the other players).

Will any of them make AA not sure but Probably the leader. Not sure if you all know but AA nominations do take prior years accolades into consideration. So if you don't have any awards from a prior year some one just as good as you with an award from last year will get the nomination over you

How about a reality check. 8 goals against Lindy, 5 goals against Brentwood, 5 against Copiague, 5 against Floyd, 6 against North Babylon. That's 29 goals against horrible teams.