[quote=Anonymous]Your post is a perfect example of the haughtiness and arrogance which leads to why we lowly Publics" think you are D-Bags (the parents - it wasn't aimed at kids although some of the kids may be too, but I wouldn't know that personally). Stop with the histrionics about what kids are being called - relax. You understood the reference was not at the kids themselves so don't get your Vineyard Vines boxers all in a twist. And plenty of public school kids go Ivy - you just want to convince yourself all that money you spent was worth it. Go back to MD and cheer for your 16 yr old freshman losing to 14 year olds from LI.

Stating "Dbag" private schools pretty much sums up your feelings about the kids that go there and the parents that send them there, so dont get your camo shorts and your wife beater in a twist, you know what you said and why you said it. Yes there are many public schools kids that end up at the Ivies and good for them, the point was if you actually took the time to look at the Ivy league rosters you would see that the percentage of kids from private or prep school is quite high. So the point is, if your limited brain can grasp it, is that if going to a private or a prep affords your son the opportunity to attend a school of that caliber, it is worth every penny. As far as 16 year olds vs 14 year olds if that helps you feel better about your overpriced, toxic, political club team good for you.