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West Islip - Smithtown West game is big tomorrow.

If WI wins then the only have one loss to a Suffolk A rival.
Should make them the reg season champs in Suffolk A

Smithtown East has 2 big division losses WM & Smith West

Ward Melv has 3 losses WI, Quot, & Smith West

Smithtown West has 4 losses 3 division HHHE, Quot, NP

Connetquot has 2 division losses WI & Smith East

Safe to say Scotty Graig has put WI back on the Suffolk Big Boy map again.

by the way - not an alum nor do I have a kid there.

I agree, I stated that the other day. Not sure how Mr Caoch Criag does it. More talent on other teams for sure. But, kids are gritty and play for the name they all share on the jersey. If Smithtown East ever did that they would be unstoppable. Some things you can teach Something you cant.