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Why is WM coach blaming DELETED on loss, WM has not been strong at x all year losing at a higher % down on the Island. I don't believe the deletedeven resulted in fast break scoring opportunities as the kid had no assists or goals. Place the blame where it belongs, defense in the second half. Coach needed to pull those tired and frustrated kids out and make some adjustments. Thats why they lost.

Just stop already, shame on you! Remember karma is a [lacrosse]! No one placing blame on deleted kid, bottom line is they didn't have possession. When you don't win face offs it is hard to get possession. WM winning with 5:00 min left in game, when they had the ball they didn't capitalize. When Victor had the ball they did capitalize. You CAN NOT blame this game on defense. They kept WM in game to begin with by stopping them after lost possessions. Grow up already and stop. They will come back next year, hopefully be there and bring it home. The end.

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