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Thats more like the GC we all know. Crush a much weaker team. Up 11-3 at half 13-3 after 3rd and stick another 4 goals in the 4th.

Now that is a coach who is teaching the kids the right thing to do. Great sportsmanship. But then again it is GC and that is what they made all the scoring records from running up the score on much weaker teams

Wow... this guy (HC) can't win with anyone on here... boys go on trip, and warned and told rules beforehand, break the rules, get caught, get disciplined. Apparently on this board though, its all the HC's fault, and he should be fired.

Now, missing 5 players, and undoubtedly playing some kids who haven't seen a lot of time, has some success on the field against "weaker" teams, and is now criticized for it - as once again, of course its all his fault - no sportsmanship...

we are talking about high school kids, and a high school lacrosse coach/teacher.

If these were students on a school sanctioned field trip, and the same thing happened do you fire the teachers/chaperones on the trip who caught them and made them face the consequences of their actions? Of course not - they're doing their job

He is a HC of a high school team and a teacher. All the extra time he puts in outside of school, and on the field is his own time that he is putting in for the kids. He is not a professionally paid coach. All the criticisms of his interpersonal skills, his perceived heavy handedness, or criticisms of his association with a youth program sound like petty, personal, vindictive attacks from someone who feels like they (yes, you little johnnys dad) were given a raw deal...

Everyone needs to calm down