I think you should go on the Chaminade thread and read some of the stuff that is posted there between non-public school parents before you cast stones over here (biblical reference intended). Or maybe you are from one of those sleep away, D-Bag private schools, then please go away altogether (with your hold-backs, reclassifications and $50k a year in HS tuition to save $20k a year in college tuition). Although I disagree with about 95% of the non-lacrosse, despicable posts on this particular thread, it seems to be confined to the same 3 or 4 towns in Nassau County for some reason. Suffolk is not perfect either by any means but the Suffolk posts seemed to be more directed to the actual outcome of a game because of play on the field and not about "peripheral issues". But at least when it comes to the publics, many of the posters are passionate (although at times misguided) because their son or daughter plays at their alma mater - and in the community which they grew up themselves. What's' the excuse on the Private side of the house? BTW, many of the posts are from teenagers and not parents - in case you needed to actually be told that.
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Wow, you guys in the public conferences really, and I mean Really, need to get a grip.