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FYI. There is no alcohol allowed for drivers under 21. In fact it is illegal for any kid to have alcohol in his system under 21
The problem is some kids have no chance in life with ignorant alcoholic or drug addicted parents God willing no parent has to get the call that some recent lax parents have gotten that their kid was the victim of drunk diving or died from a heroin or drug overdose . Being an athlete doesn't mean bad things will not happen. I have used the stupidity of a couple of foolish kids to remind my kids their bad chiices may have consequences

Not looking to chime in on the parenting/good kid-bad kid issues, just the law. Call it a pet peeve if you will but misstating the law drives me nuts. There is absolutely no statute in NY that criminalizes the mere fact that someone under the age of 21 has alcohol in their blood. the laws have to do with selling or serving alcohol to persons under 21 as well as possession with intent to consume. Additionally their are exemptions for parents - yes you can give you own child or ward alcohol - and those supervising educational classes where alcohol consumption is part of the course (say a college wine tasting course or a course in the police academy that demonstrates the effects of alcohol) as well as religious exceptions. maybe read the NYS Alcohol Beverage Control Law as well as the Penal law before stating what the 'facts' on the law are. See NYS ABC Secs 65 & 65-c; NYS Penal Law Sec 260.20