The coach is extremely negative and not a "builder" of men. Played various sports my whole life (including D1 lax) and have been coached by all kinds. it is not an easy job but the bottom line is the best coaches bring out the best in their teams. GC HC is verbally abusive at times and his players are scared to make a mistake. the team plays tight because of this. We all know you play better when you are allowed to take chances. How many transition goals have they scored this year?Not many. The vast majority of his ex players are not fans. I think that says something - they cant all be wrong. He also runs the youth program which is a conflict of interest since he is lining his pockets with a sub par product. Fro those that live in town- you know what i am talking about. for those that dont you will be critical- bottom line is that he is not a "good guy" , a person you want developing your child.