You are correct, that as a WM parent this is a bit embarrassing. Especially after one loss but your are wrong in painting with a broad brush. Some of us sit in the stands and cheer for the boys, then get in a car and go home. And we understand that most will not play D1 lacrosse. Been around the lacrosse scene a lot and heard a lot of stories from parents on the club team who hail from varying districts - not much different than other schools. as a matter of fact, some are worse. Probably very similar to yours if you were really being truthful about it. Its all good, we will be a strong team down the stretch. It wont be overnight of be easy because we are a team without superstars (for the moment). Non WM parents - enjoy the derision now, we will be a force to contend with down the stretch. and to the poster that felt compelled to bring the drama after one loss, we just might not leave any room on the bandwagon for you and the other naysayers when you want to jump back on.
Lets Go Ward!