Can not believe what i am reading. IT IS ILLEGAL TO SMOKE POT PERIOD !!!
Lapse in judgement, parents fault excuses excuses. Everyone is doing it really. If they have not been caught then how can you say they are doing it. These kids got caught doing something ILLEGAL. So it proves they are doing it. Done end they are all off the team. They were on a trip where the Head Coach is responsible for all of the players from the time they leave the school until the time they return. How did 6 players disappear from the team in order to do this. What if one of those kids decided to steal a car which is illegal but others do it and gets in a crash. I would bet everything those same GC parents would blame the Coach and school and lawyer up. Clear example of making excuses instead of making them take responsibility. To say all lax players do it is wrong. As far as I know D1 still drug test players. Have not heard of anyone getting the boot. I would like to think most kids take their sports seriously and would not jeopardize themselves or their team and stay away.