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You are old school. If you make them run or even yell at them it is called abuse today and you could lose your job. eXAMPLE is Coach at school across town lost his football position because he yelled at kids after a loss and them acting like idiots on the bus ride home. You walk a fine line these days when you are a coach.

But like in every level of the game. The buck stops with the HC. Always has and always will. The team wins he takes the pat on the back. The team loses he takes the heat. The kids get in trouble on or off the field during his season it is his to deal with good or bad and take the consequences. You can just imaging the speech he gave to the kids before the season " this is my team my rules what I say goes you are mine until the end of this season you will do what I say or else. WELL IT IS TIME OR ELSE

They should have said coach chew out that school's varsity lacrosse team this year. They look like they could use some "motivation."